It’s Gigi Goode world! The Drag Race Star spills all

Your favorite top 3 contestants on RuPaul’s Drag Race Spills all in an Exclusive Interview with us! In our stunning spread, Gigi Goode is Photographed by our favorite Jasper Soloff – wearing this season’s Boldest Looks! Read our full Interview below and Follow Gigi on Instagram here.

Featured Interview:

What was the inspiration behind the name Gigi Goode?

The name Goode came in 2013 from Jessica Lange’s character Fiona Goode, but Gigi had already been my drag name for a couple of years prior. Gigi comes from the amount of ‘Gs’ in my family name. It’s legally not short for anything but I’ve always loved the same Genevieve so that’s what I tell creepy Uber drivers when they ask. 

How important is Fashion to you when creating your stage persona?

Fashion is very important to me. If I’m wearing something that I’m not feeling, you can see it written all over my face. A big part of my creative process is rooted in fashion and design so I’m very particular with how I present when I’m able to have full control.

Being a Fashion Queen, what brand is hot at the moment that you totally Jadore?

I have so many brands that I love and have been lucky enough to work with, but I absolutely adore Acne Studios. The team has become such a family, the shows are always amazing, and they know how to party. 

Are you currently in Love?

Something might just be brewing… stay tuned 

What advice would you give your 16-year-old self?

I have no advice for my younger self, I think she did everything she was meant to do to get her to the place I’m in now. I would love to go back and just watch myself from afar- maybe shed a tear or two.

What has been the most beautiful moment in your history of drag?

My most prideful moment was taking the risk to drop everything and move to LA without a clue on how I was going to make it. With or without the way my life as gone since then, I’m really proud of myself for doing that. 

You are a Jean Paul Gautier gurl, what is your favorite season of his legendary runways?

Every Gaultier collection has spoken to me in some way, but my number one favorite is the spring 1997 runway. I remember it being the first full runway collection I ever saw and wasn’t even aware of who the designer was until years later when I really got into fashion. 

What is your self-care ritual in dealing with mental health?

 My mental health is a big priority of mine. I think the best thing you can do for yourself is to surround yourself with people who love and want the best for you. But I do always have the phrase “it’s not that serious” constantly replaying in my head, so disassociation? 

How did your friendship come about with Drag sister Symone?

The day I met Symone, I went to work at Micky’s on a regular Sunday Night. As soon as I got there, Hunter said “this is our sister Symone, she’s family” I look over to the VIP section and Symone is lounging on the couch in a head-to-toe white h outfit looking like an angel from above. We just started talking and became sisters instantly.

Who are your She-roes?

My biggest She-ro is definitely my mom. She always led life with kindness and understanding and I just admire her so much. 

You just shot a beautiful cover with your mom, how was the experience and how important is family to you?

Speaking of mother! That was such a special moment for us. It’s as simple as a mother embracing her child the same way she did when they were a baby. I’m so lucky to have the family that I have and I’m very much standing between the worlds of my chosen family, and immediate family. I think Chosen family is so crucial to our survival as queer people. They love you unconditionally and will tell you straight to your face when you’re acting a fool. 

What would be your go-to lip sync for your life song?

Kylie Minogue – Your Disco Needs You 

Of all the new Drag Race Contestants after your season, who has been your favorite?

I’m obsessed with Kornbread. Not only is she a phenomenal performer, but she’s just a good time gal. 

What Fragrance are you currently obsessed with?

Lately I’ve been loving Grand Soir by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

What Beauty product do you swear by?

Diva, I can’t stop talking about the Fenty Beauty blotting powder. Obsessed. 

Summer Travel Plans?

This summer will be FULL of travel. Planning on Paris, Italy, New York, the world! Every trip I take seems to pop up right before it happens so who knows where I’ll end up! 

What is next for you in this new chapter of life?

I have so many exciting, personal projects that I’m working on. Most of them are long haul type projects, but it’s so fun to pour myself into them. Stay tuned… 

Team Credits:

Photographer: Jasper Soloff

Wardrobe Stylist: Dre Romero

Shot at MSA studios

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