Irina Meyer – Not A Princess But A Powerful Woman Leading The Charge for Women in Movies

Moving forwards, one adventure at a time, Irina Meyer’s newest project “I Am Not A Princess” shows exactly what it takes to make your mark in a world dominated by gender inequality

      In a world where one constantly faces opposition from all sides, all that is needed is a singular source of inspiration to illuminate the way forwards. I Am Not A Princess serves as such a film, chronicling the journey of Irina Meyer, successful CEO of Mama Lion Productions and venture capitalist.

Irina Meyer, a Russian-American entrepreneur, witnessed the Soviet Union collapse, dealt with moving her family to a new country (twice – to France, then the US), and sought to improve the lives of those around her. Over the course of 20 years, Meyer paved her way up from studying data analytics to working as director for Riot Games, developer of some of the most popular video games in the modern age, to the present day where she now serves as the founder and partner for various investment and entertainment companies. Her influence is felt across multiple mediums, with her work in the entertainment industry culminating in her earning an Emmy for Interactive Media in 2011. 

Taken on an hour and a half journey, Meyer, along with others she has encountered across her career, detail the trials and tribulations she has had to overcome in order to transform her into the powerful businesswoman, leader and innovator that she is today. From extremely humble beginnings to growing into someone whose mission is to ensure that other women in business do not endure the same adversities she did, Irina Meyer is the living embodiment of determination.

Throughout the film, the term ‘character’ is called into question. It is the makings of a being, the way in which they uphold themselves, and treat others that determines one’s character. Not once is Irina’s character called into question during the documentary. She is consistently described as someone joyful and energetic, who exudes confidence in her abilities and demonstrates a clear determination in uplifting others. 

Irina Meyer, pictured above with Crystine Zhang, CEO of Oval 5 Media, during a presentation of She Roars: Pioneering Females Reshaping Entertainment. Courtesy of Deadline

From a young age, Meyer has always asserted herself as a rebellious soul, who refused to conform to the societal standards that were placed upon her. From clashing with her mother, she shifted gears trouncing upon any obstacles that stood in her way. Meyer excelled academically whereupon she graduated from the University of Moscow with a bachelor’s degree in political science and furthering her education when she received a bachelor’s of science degree in computer science from San Jose State University post-move. 

Helping to bring to life this vision of women empowerment is first-time film director Salvatore Assenza, known for his specializations in documentary features. Assenza is a director who truly understands the underlying meaning of the film. Acknowledging that it is not one of hardship but rather of making opportunities with determination, Assenza had this to say during the Prague Film Festival, “This story is a much needed positive example to all people out there who feel constrained by the boxes society have created for them, and also a guidebook for women who need a source of strength.” 

Having been introduced to the industry at the Cannes Film Festival, I Am Not A Princess is sure to empower women around the world and provide a shining example for those who feel as if they have more to offer. The documentary serves as a powerful example for, no matter what obstacles you face, no matter the hardship, with determination and grit, one can amount to above and beyond their own expectations. 

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