Irene Noren is the model to follow if you want euro-chic style inspo

Vegan beauty & Spain native Irene Noren has been building quite a large following & a name for herself as a model. She’s already been featured in Playboy and acquired a dope Puma sponsorship just to namedrop a bit. But the Spaniard native also has almost 300,000 followers on Instagram.

Irene caught up with Galore and shares with us her globe-trotting background & the challenges of maintaining veganism.

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Where are you from and how has it shaped who you are today?

I’m originally from Spain, but since I’ve lived almost everywhere I can say that myself it’s built by different places, experiences, and people.I [grew] up with a Norwegian family in Spain, so it was interesting to share both cultures and traditions.

If you had to give up control over one thing for the rest of your life, either hair or makeup, which would it be and why?

Hahaha let’s say both! I can definitely give up control over both because that’s what I do 80% of my time.

What are your favorite vegan foods?

I’m a really good [cook]! One of my specialties is paella, and I do the vegan version, only vegetables but full of flavor and colors.

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What’s the hardest part about being vegan?

Dealing with it, I will say that the only hard thing [is] to explain to people why I’m vegan all the time or dealing with bullshit “like plants suffer too” or “what about the protein?” For the rest, being vegan [is] the best choice I’ve made in my life so far.

What’s the easiest part?

That you can always eat the veggies side [from] your friends when they don’t want it!

Have you ever considered trying any other hair color besides brunette?

Yeah! Actually, I was blonde for some time. And when I was in the high school [I] tried purple [hair] and redhead. [Thank] God that nobody knew me [at] that time.

What songs are you bumping right now?

I can’t stop listening [to] Sade, it’s being years but I can’t get enough! Soldier of love and no ordinary love are my all time favorites.

What book are you reading?

I’m reading the Kybalion, but I’m not in the mood to finish it so I’ll start a new one soon, maybe some poetry.

What’s the cheapest thing in your beauty arsenal?

Vaseline! Kind of my everyday cream.







Photographer: Victoria Gomez [@victoria.gee]

Model: Irene Noren [@irenenoren]

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