Remember Facebook Albums? They’re Now on Instagram

You know when you’re trying to get a dope photo of you in your Friday night ‘fit, and for once you end up with 10 amazing photos instead of just one?

But, which one to post? You don’t want to post a bunch of pics in the same outfit, but you just look so damn good in all of them. *sigh*

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Well, I have good news for you. Instagram just launched a new feature that allows you make slideshow type posts in one “post” on your feed.

Basically, you upload the same way you would previously, except you can select multiple photos instead of just one.



It’s sort of like creating an album on Facebook, which isn’t a coincidence, since Facebook owns Instagram. It’s also kind of like a permanent Snapchat story of sorts.

For now, the photos all have to be square and there’s one caption for the whole slideshow.

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We can’t wait to see how influencers and Instagram celebs start using this feature so we can figure out how to navigate this.

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