If Bae Wants More Sex, Tell Him You Need More Attention

No matter how much you love your boo, there comes a time in every relationship where the sex seems to dwindle down. Don’t get me wrong, there will certainly be times when your fuck-schedule ramps back up again, but studies have actually shown that most “happy couples” only have sex once a week.

If you’re dating somebody with the libido of a teenage boy who just discovered the internet, this whole “once a week thing” might not work for them. But sometimes it’s tough to get horny when you’re seeing your boo’s naked ass everyday and you know what their farts smell like.

Thankfully, a research team in Israel may have found the secret to getting hornier for your boo: just make them pay more attention to you.

The study contained three separate experiments, all of which contributed to the conclusion that you’re way hornier for someone if they’re consistently responsive to you and if you feel “cared for” by them. In certain experiments, men were unwavering in their sexual desire regardless of the attention they received (what a surprise), but in others, they maintained similar feelings to the women who were less enthusiastic about fucking their partner when they felt semi-neglected.

Next time your boo doesn’t respond to your texts within a reasonable amount of time or pays more attention to the TV than your passionate spiel about women’s rights in the workplace, kindly remind him that this is the probs the reason why he’s not getting laid as much as he’d like to.

If your boo is confused by you insistence that he doesn’t pay enough attention to you, take a page from Dr. Tony Faretti; the sex, relationship, and narcism expert who explained the study to Broadly.

“Being more responsive can be as simple as turning your phone off at dinner or planning a surprise date or overnight getaway and including your partner’s favorite activity,” Faretti explained.

Turning your phone off for dinner sounds like a reasonable trade for more sex, don’t you think? Although we’re not discouraging the surprise overnight getaway either…You’re not an attention whore, you just have standards. Besides, feeling neglected can also lead to cheating, and you know that your boo doesn’t want that.

Image by Alec Dawson

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