I Scream Colour Makes Pop Culture Pop Through Illustration

Illustrator I Scream Colour has impressed many with his awesome depiction of the celebs we love. He talked to us about his aesthetic, how he choses who to draw and his favorite designers. Check it out!

Tell us about yourself:
I’m 28 and I live in San Diego, CA. I am a freelance graphic designer and I love to draw and swim.

We love your illustrations! Your style is like a total teenage dream. Where do you draw inspiration for your aesthetic?
Thank you! I find inspiration in pop culture in general. I think my biggest inspiration are the Spice Girls because I loved them when I was a teen. They were fun and different in the 90’s. I also admire Yayoi Kusama and Lisa Frank of course! She’s the best 🙂

Do you draw everything by hand, or is it done digitally? Or both?
Both. I draw the characters by hand. I use pencils, pens and markers. Then I cover the background with stickers. Sometimes I design the background in Photoshop to add more color.

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Tell us about the stickers! You must have thousands! How and why did you decide to incorporate them as background in your works?
I started collecting stickers when I was little and kept them in a box for years. 2 years ago I was drawing a model and the background looked boring. It needed color! That’s when I decided to use stickers. I can spend hours looking for them on eBay.

You’ve drawn such an array of people– from movie stars, to musicians, to models and tv personalities– how do you choose who are going to be your subjects?
It depends on my mood or any iconic event in pop culture history…Sometimes I draw people I meet on Instagram. I have requests all the time, I wish I had the time.

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Obviously you have a great eye for fashion, as you’ve drawn many of your subjects in some of their best outfits! Do you have a favorite designer (or two, or three?)
Can I choose 4?! Alexander Wang, Vivienne Westwood, Nicola Formichetti and Jeremy Scott.

What are your most favorite illustrations you’ve ever drawn?
Cara in her Bart outfit, Bryan Boy dreaming, Grace Coddington, Terry Richardson, Kirsten Dunst as Marie Antoinette and Lil Kim. (shown throughout)

If you could pick any ONE person to meet, style and draw in person, who would it be? What would you style them in?
I would pick Mary Kate Olsen. She would be wearing something from Nasty Gal, maybe a crop top and a mini skirt? Something fun. I hope she likes my idea…




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