The Bag Raiders’ single from 2009 is still bumping because of a meme

2017 is a special time.

Not only can you make money on sexy selfies, you can have a song make it big because of a meme.

The Bag Raiders released their song “Shooting Stars” in 2009, but it has randomly seen popular resurgence recently, because of its use in lots of memes.

We talked with the Australian duo about how the song came about, what Americans can learn from Aussies, and what’s next for them.

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How’d you get into music?

Both of us learned how to play instruments as kids, and we were always into similar music on the electronic front.  We used to swap CDs all the time, and we got into learning how to make music with computers and synths around the same time too, so we were always helping each other learn about that. We started experimenting with making some music ourselves, and then it turned into this project.

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“Shooting Stars” is a huge hit, but it wasn’t originally meant to have lyrics. What made you add them in? 

We mostly had only made instrumental music up until that point, we thought it could be cool to experiment with songwriting. So we wrote a song on top of the instrumental so that we could have two versions of the song. It worked out!

How would you describe your genre of music?

I guess synth-pop would work to paint the picture with a broad stroke. I mean, we’ve made house music, hip hop, electronic funk, and experimented with some other stuff, we always try to do something that we think has a good vibe, and not just stick to a “genre.” We love working with drum machines and synthesizers and that sort of thing, so there’s always a healthy dose of that in our music.

So the reason “Shooting Stars” has had a popular resurgence recently because of a meme. When did you realize this was the culprit?

We got tagged in one or two, and then we looked into it and a week later there were hundreds floating around. Pretty funny thing to happen.

If you could only use one form of social media for the rest of your life which would you choose and why? 

Maybe Instagram, I like looking at photos/videos/etc., but the timeline feed algorithm thing is pretty annoying… I liked the chronological feed better.

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Why do you think US girls love Aussie guys so much?

The accent maybe? The attitude probably.

What are some of the biggest misconceptions about DJs?

That they only know how to push play.

I saw that you guys were in Cali and looking for In-N-Out, did it live up to the hype? What’s your fave burger chain?

Always love a good In-N-Out. Neapolitan shake is a winner for sure. As far as chains go, In-N-Out, Shake Shack, and Umami are the three I’m most down with. Damn good burgers!

Vegemite: Yes or No?

Of course yes.

What’s an awesome Australian food Americans need to get on?

Meat pies and Pavlova.

What’s something Americans could learn from Aussie culture? 

Apart from meat pies and pavlova? Being laid back and chill and having no worries. Hakuna matata, baby.

What’s next for you guys?

More new music coming soon, we have a lot of stuff we are really excited to share with everyone!

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