The ultimate holiday gift exchange guide that your friend won’t regift

Holiday gifts are always tricky. Especially ones for your gal pals. 

You want them to be personal and unique, but not too expensive and over-the-top (hey, we all still have bills to pay in December).

And while you want to spend a considerable amount on your friends and get them a “grown-up gift,” you also don’t want to spend $300 on every single friend and end up putting way more on your credit than expected.

Every year, you end up looking at a million lists telling you what to buy, and ultimately, the gifts on those lists are never unique enough or personal enough. Where’s the happy medium?

Well, it’s right here.

I have put together a full gift guide based off of the characters in Sex and the City, because I feel like every friend group has a Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte. This way, you can buy gifts based on your friends’ personalities and traits, and what they are “looking for” this Christmas.


This may sound crazy and you may be thinking, “This girl is way too into Sex and the City” (and you’re definitely right on the latter), but this layout to gift giving actually really works. I have been doing it this way for years now.

Also, this guide is for the opposite of a white elephant party. These are gifts that are going to kill it and be a total hit at the gift exchange party where you and your girls give gifts that you won’t throw out, re-gift, or shove in the back of your closet.

For the Carrie friend (unique & personal):

What do you get for the fashionista/beauty queen that probably has everything? Also, what do you get for a Carrie that’s as unique as her?

Carrie’s love either a fabulous clothing/accessory gift, or they love something extremely personal and heartfelt. Carrie’s are very similar to the Cancer zodiac sign.

So, get your Carrie one of these.


Valfre has a ton of really unique gifts that are reasonably priced. Some of their dresses are only around $60, which is totally worth it to see your Carrie strutting around in it the next night (she will be obsessed).

Kari Dress, $72

The brand also has many accessories, bags, and phone cases that are well-priced and perfect for your Carrie to show off at the club or at brunch. She will be rocking these gifts for years, because they are as cool and different as she is.

Shellular 3D iPhone Case, $10

Marilyn Purse (Black), $68

Urban Decay

Elements Eyeshadow Palette, $52

I mean, Urban Decay products are a staple and are great gifts for any of your friends. But, you Carrie will specifically love Urban Decay’s newest drop of holiday products.

They are cute, portable (Carrie loves to stuff her purse with her necessities), and something she can use on the daily. Everyone needs a setting spray, a good eyeshadow palette, and several choices of eyeliner (need to have enough colors to match every outfit).

Plus, one doubles as an ornament. Amazing.

Limited Edition Travel Size All Nighter Setting Spray Ornament, $15

Limited Edition HEX Remedy 24/7 Travel Eye Pencil Set ($79 Value), $29

M Jewelers

Carrie and her Carrie necklace. Enough said.

Various styles and prices

M Jewelers specializes in personalized jewelry for great prices. Get your Carrie her own nameplate necklace, or get her a charm that matches her zodiac. M Jewelers also has a gorgeous holidays section you can choose from.

Better yet, M Jewelers has sales all the time. Get on their mailing list for any updates.

The Zodiac Medal Necklace, from $100

The Rainbow Ring, $100


VFiles is known for being the retailed for the cool girl. They recently dropped two new collections that are perfect for your Carrie – the styles are fun, loud, and comfy as hell.

Not to mention that the bodysuits in the collection are perfect for a night out when your Carrie wants to look sexy and cool at once. Your Carrie will be obsessed with this collection and she will wear the shit out of these pieces.

Maybe even buy you and your Carrie matching sweatsuits?

I think yes.

VFiles All-Over Print Hoodie (Yellow), $85

VFiles So Icey Bodysuit, $80

A memory

Get your Carrie a framed photo of the two of you, or even of the whole crew. Write special memories all around the frame for an even more heartfelt touch. Get the supplies for this at your local Michael’s.

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We all know a Samantha (fun and eccentric):


Samantha loves anything sexy, exciting, and over-the-top.

We get it. Samantha’s the fun one.

Get the fun one of your group any of the following gifts – they’re sure to make your bestie stoked af when she unwraps.


Yes, Samantha loves sex. But, she loves sexy sex. She’s not really into trashy – she’s more classy.

That’s exactly what Nox, sexual wellness retailer, delivers. The website is filled with sleek sex toys, discreet lube, and gorgeous accessories. Nox would have been Samantha’s dream had it been around in the 90s.

Ice Box, $52

Sweet Love, $50

Nox also gives 10% off your first order if you sign up for their mailing list, and they offer gift bundles so you can save even a bit more. I think the bundles are the best for a gift for your Samantha (or for yourself, if you’re the Samantha of your crew).

Oh Joy!, $90.50


Lashes are a staple for any girl who loves a good night on the town. Ardell is know as one of the best lash retailers around, so it’s an obvious choice for a great gift.

The brand is also extremely affordable, making it a great add-on gift if you think your main gift isn’t exactly enough on its’ own. They are also frequently on sale at other retailers.

Faux Mink Variety 3 Pack #2, $14.90

Wispies 12 Pack ($60 Value), $23.99

Jaja Tequila

The fun one of the clique is always a tequila drinker. Go for a cool, modern tequila like Jaja – they have a blanco and a reposado in case your Samatha is picky with her tequila.

Don’t forget to polish off this gift with some limes and a fancy sea salt. Maybe even add some shot glasses that say, “I’m the Samantha!”

Jaja’s retailer, Drizly, also gives $5 off of your first order when you sign up with your email.

Left: Jaja Blanco Tequila, $34.99-54.99, Right: Jaja Reposado Tequila, $42.99-$65.60


There’s no better gift than a sexy ass outfit. I.AM.GIA has you covered on that front. Their newest collection is fire, and I swear I’ve seen the real Samantha wear similar outfits on the show.

Their price point is really reasonable for such a recognizable brand (every girl on Instagram has worn I.AM.GIA) and your Samantha will wear any of their outfits over and over.

Bonnie Dress, $110 AUD

Kiki Crop, $80 AUD

Jupiter Bodysuit, $100 AUD

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For your Miranda (practical & useful):

Is your ride or die a Miranda?

Practicality is what she’s after. Get her something she can actually use.

Also, I feel strongly that Miranda deserves some gifts that are out of her comfort zone like beauty sets and some stylish accessories that are trendy, but wearable (otherwise she just won’t wear them).

Get your Miranda one (or more) of these.


Rodial’s got a ton of products that are perfect for gifting (they’re one of my favorite skincare brands), but this face mask set they made specifically for holiday gifting is our choice for Miranda.

It’s a beauty gift without it being too much. Plus, Miranda loves to curl up on the couch and do some self care while watching Jules & Mimi every now and then. Get your Miranda into masking with this at home set.

At Home Facial Sheet Mask Set (Worth £70), £35

Ketel One Botanical

Miranda, like all of us, loves a great cocktail.

Ketel One recently released a new collection, Ketel One Botanicals, that is perfect for your friend who is really into cute, but still tasty, cocktails. Make your own spin on the liquor, or get their recipes that they have on their website tailored to each flavor.

The three flavors: Grapefruit & Rose, Cucumber & Mint, Peach & Orange Blossom.

Unlike other flavored vodkas, the Botanicals are fresh, clean, and don’t taste like a total sugar-bomb. These vodkas are perfect for a grown-up gal who still wants to have fun with her drinks.

Order these via Drizly and sign up with your email for $5 off of your first order.

Left: Grapefruit & Rose, $14.99-$42.63, Middle: Cucumber & Mint, $9.99-$42.63,
Right: Peach & Orange Blossom $.9.99-$42.63

Filling Pieces

These sneakers are super cute, all over Instagram, extremely practical, and at a great price point. If you want to splurge on your Miranda, get her these sneakers that she will wear to death.

Both of the pairs I chose for gifting are well-priced and well made, and they both go with a ton of different outfits. Your Miranda will want to plan her outfits with these the minute she unwraps them.

Race Runner Jet Vesta (All Black), €240

Low Top Angelica Aedan (Black), €190

Privé Revaux

Miranda is not one to get herself any cool fashion items, so snag her some of these Privé Revaux sunglasses. She won’t feel ridiculous wearing them because they are classic, but still really interesting and different.

These are also another thing that your Miranda will find practical, and a gift she can use every day. I mean, literally, who doesn’t need a good pair of sunglasses?

Right now, the brand is giving 25% off with the code: cyberweek. Don’t miss out on the deal.

Also, all the celebs have been wearing these, and we know that deep down, every Miranda just wants to feel a little bit fabulous.

The Bermuda (White), $29.95

The Karl (White), $29.95

The Monarch (White), $29.95

For the Charlotte’s of the world (simple & sweet):


If your bestie is a Charlotte, she’s probably looking for something really simple and aesthetically pleasing.

Charlotte would love some gorgeous skincare, sleek decor, and cozy clothing. Think of Charlotte as the basic white girl that loves candles, long baths, brushing her hair for hours, and horseback riding.

For your Charlotte, we have picked out the basics (plus one little wild card, because Charlotte can be a bit of one, herself).


I have already gone offffff about how much I love Farsáli (read more here). Literally. Their facial oil saved my life.

If you haven’t tried Farsáli’s Rose Gold Elixir yet, you are not doing skincare right, darling. Your Charlotte would love this stuff, because it leaves skin glowing, refreshed, and soft. Dry, combo, or oily, I truly think everyone could benefit from this product. Charlotte especially loves minimalistic beauty, and this oil will help her fully achieve that look.

Also, Farsáli has some really pretty highliters called Jelly Beam that are perfect for a gal who just slaps on highlight and mascara and goes out just. like. that.

Rose Gold Elixir, $22-$54

Jelly Beam, $22-$40


Charlotte is a homebody, especially when she becomes a mom. If you’ve got a Charlotte with a baby or with an at-home job, LEIMERE’s comfy loungewear is a wonderful gift. I’m personally really into the blue Catalina Jumpsuit for my Charlotte, because she can wear it inside or outside, making it more worth the price point.

Their clothing is extremely soft, and you might even want to buy a set for yourself.

LEIMERE also has a Jet Set that is great for any friend who lives their life on the go.

Plus, the brand is currently having a buy one get one 50% off sale with the code: GIFT. Aka, you should probably take advantage and buy a set for yourself anyway.

Catalina Jumpsuit, $156

Jet Set, $148


Garnier is a classic for a reason, just like a Charlotte.

On top of that, Charlotte loves, and is known for, her extremely soft and shiny hair.

Help your Charlotte achieve the same effortless hair look with the Garnier gift packs that they released just for the holidays. They are available at Walmart and online, and they are super cheap. They come with a shampoo, conditioner, and 3 single use hair masks.

That’s a huge free add-on, considering hair mask prices are usually through the roof. Also, single use hair masks are nice because there’s no fuss regarding them. Just use it once and toss it.

Your Charlotte’s hair will be practically bouncing light off of it after using these.

Whole Blends Kit Coconut Oil & Cocoa Butter, $9.88

Whole Blends Kit Honey Treasures, $9.88

Love by Luna

If you watch Sex and the City, you’ll know that as much as Charlotte is a Park Avenue princess, she’s also really spiritual (in many ways) and believes in a lot of “higher power” things (i.e. heavily immersing herself into her conversion to Judaism, going to see psychics, hiring a spiritual guide to read her future in an egg a chicken laid, etc).

Love by Luna is Charlotte’s wild card, because while the brand’s products are classy, cute, and girly, they are still spiritually powerful and very healing.

My favorite gift from Love by Luna is their Zodiac Crystal Sets. Each set contains 4 different crystals that will help you, as per your zodiac sign. The one I got myself a week ago for my sign, Cancer, is helping me feel balanced already.

They also have a great selection of elixirs that are sure to make you feel whole again. Love by Luna 20% off of your first order when you sign up with your email address.

Cancer Crystal Set, $24

Rose & Cinnamon MoonShine Gen Elixir, $28


For the Big in your life (sleek & sexy):


Spy is a great brand on sunglasses that focus on quality and aesthetic. Also, it’s not basic. Your man will be wondering how you even found Spy and how you found it before he did. These sunglasses actually offer protection, and they are totally stylish.

This way, you don’t have to be embarrassed every time you guys go out in daylight. Replace his dad-looking sunnies with these sexy pairs, and he’ll be set for life.

Also, they are basic and classic, so your man won’t feel weird going out in public wearing them.

Another plus – they carry sunnies for women, so buy yourself a pair, too.

Discord Asian Fit, $85

Hunt, $110

Minna Life

Oh, Minna.

How I love you.

Minna Life is probably one of the best new sex toy brands out there. Their products, the Ola and Limon, are some of the most special ones I have ever used.

The Ola is an internal use vibrator, and the Limon is an external use vibrator. Both are amazing for solo play or, in this case, team play with your partner.

Minna’s products are especially savvy and different because they are programmable – what they call “Smart Memory.” The products capture and play back your personalized squeeze patterns, meaning there are a million different squeeze patterns you and your partner can experiment with.

The products also have a control called “Squeeze Control,” aka the harder you squeeze, the stronger the vibrations. All of their products are made using 100% phthalate-free, body, safe Class VI medical grade silicone, and they’re pretty damn cute.

I also love how Minna markets to everyone: the single woman, couples, older women, etc. The couple approach is refreshing and normalizes toy play with your partners.

Limon, $119

Ola, $148.99

Gieves and Hawkes

Ok, so you want your man to start dressing up a bit more.

The best way to do that is to buy him some fancy accessories that will get him hyped up to take you to a nice dinner or show as an excuse for him to dress up. Gieves and Hawkes London has some really slick, well-priced, dressy accessories for him that you both will appreciate.

You won’t regret putting this under the tree, and you’re going to enjoy taking this tie off of him after that fancy shmancy dinner you guys have.


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Silk Pocket Square, £65


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Silk Tie, £105

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