Farsáli convinced me that I need to incorporate facial oil into my routine

Before using Farsáli’s Rose Gold Elixir, I had sworn off any oil in my skincare routine. 

They say that if you have oily skin, it’s (obviously) best to avoid adding any oil to that equation. But, my skin has never been oily. I have normal to dry skin, so adding oil can’t hurt, and can probably actually help.

If you haven’t already noticed, Farsáli’s Rose Gold Elixir is all over Instagram. Beauty and makeup bloggers from all over are obsessed with the results they receive from the product. Even big names like Jackie Aina and Farah D are loving this stuff. It’s also a huge favorite at Sephora – when I went to get a restock, it was sold out.

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The Elixir is infused with specks of 24-karat gold, and it’s rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids. It’s formulated with ingredients that were made to work together to give you the best results when adding it to you skincare routines.

The main ingredient is rosehip seed oil, which penetrates the skin to nourish and hypdrate, while also brightening and improving skin texture. Rosehip is packed with linoleic and linolenic acids, vitamin C, and vitamin A – all which help reduce the appearance of fine lines (help me with this, please!) and discoloration.

As for the gold flakes – they’re not just there for show. The 24-karat gold absorbs right into your skin, leaving your skin naturally glowing and radiant. Now that is something I strive for. I basically want to always look dewey and glow-y, like a Greek goddess.

The oil is also free of synthetic fragrances, and it is 100% cruelty-free and vegan, which are always pluses.

I tried out this product in two major ways – using it as a step in my skincare routine at night for hydrated, smoother skin, and mixing it with my foundation for a more natural, glow-y finish.

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For the skincare portion, I used the oil all over my face and neck every night for about 3 months. The fact that I didn’t stop using it after a week goes to show that I clearly love it. Normally, if I am testing something and it turns out to be awful, I will just stop all together. But, I continued to use, and still use, the Farsáli oil.

Here’s why: It did exactly what it said it would. My face has gotten visibly smoother and brighter, something that I have never experienced with a product before. Usually, getting my skin to feel and look smooth is a huge challenge. But, the oil made a huge change in my skin composition, and even friends and family keep telling me how much I am glowing!

My skin actually broke out when I ran out of the stuff. I raced to my local Sephora, where the oil was legit sold out, and it was the worst week and a half of my life waiting to get it again.

Help me. I’m addicted.

For the makeup portion, I noticed a lot of people mixing the oil with their foundation. Don’t use a lot. That was the mistake I made the first time around. Take two or three drops and add it to your foundation, and see how you glow.

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Basically, I wanted to add the oil to my foundation because I saw that it gave a more well-rounded, natural, and dewey look. In this heat, there’s no way you will catch me caking on makeup. No thank you.

Adding a little bit of the oil to my makeup game made the biggest difference. My makeup doesn’t melt and doesn’t suffocate me anymore. It also isn’t smudge-y, even though that was my first worry when it came to oil. Plus, the gold flakes make your skin glow so hardcore – especially in the Summer sun.

The Elixir is available at FARSÁLI.com, Sephora stores, and Sephora.com, and it goes for $54.

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