Here’s Proof That People In Relationships Are Party Poopers

No matter how great of a friend you are, chances are you secretly hate it when your friend gets into a relationship. Not because you’re jealous or you want to fuck her boyfriend, but because you know that as soon as she makes things “official” with bae, she’s essentially saying buh-bye to her social life.

Somehow being in a relationship makes it totally acceptable to stay in and watch Netflix on a Friday night instead of go out to the bar. Taken people will swear up and down that they’re still “fun” and still like to go out, but you know better.

Turns out, a recent poll of British people aged 18-30 proves that people in relationships are boring af. The study found that single people drink three times the amount that taken people do.

In fact, single people spend an average of $59 on booze per week while cuffed up peeps only spend $22.

Sure, drinking is kinda unhealthy (although some studies beg to differ), but there’s no denying that people who drink a lot are fun af. Seriously, you never hear anyone talking about how Sober Sally is the best partner in crime, do you? Unless they’re talking about designated drivers.

This study may be kind of obvious since you’ve lost your last three party-girl friends to relationships and have resorted to Bumble BFF to find a new wingwoman, but it’s always nice to have validation, isn’t it? Next time your friend that you only see once a month because she’s busy playing wifey tells you that she’s still the fun girl who took beer-bongs on the roof of her sorority house, call her out on her shit. Studies don’t lie.

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