1 More Reason to Drink Wine for Weight Loss

More good news for wine lovers: wine is still the best option for drinking sans weight gain, according to Charles Nguyen, the doctor who co-authored The Thinsulin Program: The Breakthrough Solution To Help You Lose Weight And Stay Thin with bariatric internist Tu Song Anh Nguyen and health journalist Mary Ann Marshall.

Why?  “The real culprit in weight loss is insulin, not calories,” Nguyen says. “Insulin causes the body to store fat. And certain carbs cause your body’s insulin level to rise. These include anything made of grains—such as beer.”

The carbs in beer spike your blood sugar and insulin levels, triggering your body’s reaction to store fat. That’s where beer guts come from. Wine, on the other hand, is made from fermented grapes, which Nguyen maintains is less likely to spike insulin levels than beer is. We’ve all heard the saying, “beer before liquor, never been sicker, liquor before beer and you’re in the clear,” but the real wisdom is knowing that wine won’t make you fat. Cheers!

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