Here’s How Many of Your Guy Friends Want To Sleep With You

It’s no secret that guys wants to bang many of girls they come into contact with – especially their “friends.”

It’s the reason why girls who have lots of guy friends are judged, and the reason why so many girls don’t trust their boyfriends to have a female bestie.

Well, in case you ever wanted to know exactly how many of your guy friends probs have a few fantasies about you in their spank bank, or at the very least would be DTF if you initiated, we have answers.

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Meet Me, some sus site for “meeting new people,” conducted a survey of 6,500 users to ask them some questions about friends and sex.

The results found that nearly 70% of dudes admit to having fantasized about sleeping with a friend. Moreover, 3 out of 4 dudes would def be DTF their female friend if the opportunity presented itself.

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But, before you chastise dudes for being complete horn-balls (which, they are), let’s not let the ladies get off too easily.

50% of women said they’d thought about banging their bro friends too, which will surely have all the “guys and girls can’t be friends” people wagging their tails.

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But, before you go all “this is why I can’t trust a hoe with guy friends,” just remember that the survey results are about if they’ve thought about it, not if they’ve done it or tried to do it.

They might have legit been drunk and horny one night, looked over at their friend Jeff, and been like, “hm, wonder if we should just hook up?” Then caught a whiff of his garlic bread breath and been like, “nah, WTF you drunk idiot.”

Our minds wander and sometimes hormones get the best of us… but if you secretly want to bang your guy friend, you should make a move without the fear of being rejected. Just saying.

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