Here’s How Much The Average Teen Spends On Prom

Buying a prom dress is kind of like the bb version of buying a wedding dress.

You have the perfect idea of a dress in your head, spend way too much time searching for it, end up settling for something totally different that you don’t love – and still spend way too much money.

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Oh, and you never, ever wear that dress again.

But it sort of kind of makes sense to spend a lot on a wedding dress. After all, you only get married once (fingers crossed), and usually by the time you’re getting hitched you have a steady salary and can choose whether you want to drop a cool 20k on a white frock.

In high school, it’s usually your parents fronting the prom dress fund. But just how much does that cost? Or, better yet, how much does prom in general cost?

Well, that depends on where you’re attending prom. A study analyzed how much girls in different regions spend on prom, and here’s what they found.

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In the northeast, the average girl spends $700 total on prom – this includes the dress, hair, makeup, transportation, the ticket, etc. Girls in the northeast were most likely to spend the bulk of their (parents’) money on their dresses.

But northeast girls were the bougiest, and they trumped all other regions in spending the most on prom — but not by too much.

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Second place for biggest waste of money on a night goes to west coast babes. They spent an average of $625 on prom, but the bulk of the money went to accessories and transportation. Because what’s a prom night without a party bus to get drunk and twerk on?

Then came the southern belles, who spent an average of $617 for the evening. Their biggest money sucker? Hair and makeup. You know those southern girls are probably still doing intricate up-dos…

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And the savin’ bbs are in the midwest, unsurprisingly. They topped out at about $610 for an average prom night, with those ladies spending the most money on a dress that they’ll never wear again.

Ah, to be young and still be funded by your parents…

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