It Actually Costs Money to Be a Sugar Baby

Being a sugar baby sounds easy. You get paid to be pretty, get treated to fancy restaurants, and probs get a trip to Dubai or something if you stick around. Oh, and there’s also the part where you probably have to bang old/socially-inept rich dudes, but every job has its downsides.

According to sugar daddy website extraordinaire What’s Your Price, it actually does cost money to become a sugar baby — the average sugar baby spends $60-90 preparing for a date.

Okay, who the f spends money — especially that much money — prepping for a date? Sugar babies, that’s who. Although it’s unclear if the money spent includes things that she may already own, such as a Naked Palette or hair extensions or whatevs. But then again, she could be buying a new push-up bra and getting a blow-out to make her stand out from all the other broke college chicks, who knows?

To put that into perspective, the study found that the average sugar daddy (or, anti-social dude who still wants to get laid and will pay money for a fake GF) spends an average of $100-150 on the first date. Which is honestly not that impressive for a dude who wants to be a sugar daddy. I mean, I bet most wealthy dudes in NYC spend close to that on the average dinner date, and they’re actually winning girls over with their personality rather than their wallet size.

The study also found that sugar babies on the site are spending an average of one hour and 40 minutes getting ready for a first date. Holy shit, are they doing an 100 layers of foundation challenge? Waxing their entire body? I’m not sure, but ain’t nobody got time for that.

Maybe being a sugar baby isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be? Or maybe the investment is still worth the reward? Your call.

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