Here’s a Horror Film All About Killer Emojis

Imagine if your fave emojis came to life on Halloween and weren’t the bff’s we imagined them to be.

In Alex Mann‘s short film WINK,  starring Danielle Victoria, that’s just what happens. Watch the short film and read on for a Q&A with Alex where he tells us his go-to emojis, inspiration for the film, and which emoji he relates to most.

What gave you the idea to start a horror film based on emojis?

Have you ever seen the preserved dead people of Pompeii? Emojis are sort of like that – dead, expressionless, frozen in time.

In your opinion, which is the scariest emoji?

Your standard grinning emoji. He’s got cold, dead, psychopathic eyes.

Tell us a little bit about the actress, how did you choose Danielle Victoria?

We wanted someone who had an “80s horror movie vibe,” and she had the look.

What made you choose the happy emojis for the horror film?

It’s a funnier contrast against the violence.

What were your intentions when you chose to dress Danielle in the clown costume? Is it related at all to the crazy clowns on the news?

Not specifically. More so that clowns are always a reliable scare.

So who is Danielle texting? A love interest?

Her boyfriend, Michael, who was trying to come over.

Where did you guys film WINK?

My co-producer Adam’s sister-in-law’s house. It’s a beautiful house. Proud to say we didn’t leave any blood stains on the walls.

If you were an emoji which one would you be? Why?

The detective emoji. I’d be a good detective.

What’s your opinion of the eggplant emoji? Do you use it?

I try to be more subtle with my advances.

How soon after you start texting someone do you think it’s okay to start using emojis?

Immediately. If the person isn’t into emojis, are they even worth it?

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