This Selfie Horror Short Starring Julia Kelly Will Haunt Your Nightmares

Everybody’s got something to say about selfie culture, but Alex J. Mann figured out an especially clever — and creepy — way to say it in his new short, Me 2.

The Los Angeles filmmaker and co-founder of Space Oddity Films crafted this two-minute-long short film about selfie culture, vanity, and the possible dangers of technology, starring model Julia Kelly.

Watch the video below and read on for Alex’s thoughts on selfie culture and more.

We love Julia Kelly, how’d you cast her?

I needed someone who could subtly go from innocent to evil – her smile has range.

What was the first selfie you ever took?

A couple years ago, I heard an interview with Larry David where he said he’d never taken a picture. Inspired, I decided I’d never take a selfie. Obviously, this didn’t last. I don’t remember the first one I ever took, but let’s just say it was this one.

What was the most memorable selfie you’ve ever seen?

The selfie, or should I say “spilfie,” of me and a spider. See how I’m making this all about me? It means I get selfies.

Do you think the older generations’ critiques of selfie culture are valid? Why or why not?

Not as valid as younger generations’ critiques of older generations’ selfies.

Can selfies really kill us?

Maybe they already have and replaced us.

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