Please Don’t Bother With Guys Who Aren’t Obsessed With You

Dating for the chase is fun, until you spend 30 minutes analyzing one text message and drunk cry about an unanswered booty call.

It’s weird, because sometimes you may find yourself obsessing over dudes who are seriously not worth your time. You know they’re not worth your time too, but you can’t help wanting to win them over.

Well, turns out that the less into you a dude is, the more likely you are to get obsessive over him.

A study done at the University of Virginia found that uncertainty can increase romantic attraction.

Women were shown Facebook profiles of a men who they were told had seen their profile. Women were either told that the men liked them a lot, liked them an average amount, or that he was unsure if he liked them a lot or an average amount.

They found that women were attracted to the “uncertain” men even more than they were attracted to the men who liked them a lot. Crazy, right?

But maybe not that crazy. I mean, there have definitely been guys that turned you off by being “too” into you. But seriously, what’s the use in trying to win over a guy that’s not already into you? So you can have a relationship full of uncertainty and drama? So you can worry about him cheating?

Nah, dating a dude who thinks you’re the greatest thing since sliced pizza is the way to go.

You know that “power struggle” you feel when you’re in a relationship with someone? Well, when you date a dude whose obsessed with you, you’ll never feel that way. And chances are, you’ll get almost as obsessed with him once you realize how great it is to actually be treated right.

Seriously. Stop wasting your time trying to be the “perfect” girl for the guy who doesn’t even like you that much. You have way more important shit to worry about, like your job and defending your rights against dudes like Donald Trump.

And if you find yourself continually getting hurt by a dude who clearly treats you like shit and doesn’t feel the same way about you? Get over it.

It’s not that you really like him, it’s that science is making you obsessed with him because he’s “uncertain.” It might not be true, but it probably is. And if it’s not, then you can maybe convince yourself that it is until you’re over him.

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