FYI, Trump Didn’t Mention God in His Victory Speech

It’s true at the Oscars and it’s true for the president, but giving god a shout out in your victory speeches is just something you do if you want to fit in.

Unless you’re Donald Trump, and then you’re like, “eh, fuck it.”

According to Quartz, this morning Trump became the first president in 30 years to NOT end his victory speech by tipping his hat to that big guy up in the sky.

Instead he ended things by saying thank you to everybody’s favorite gay conversion apologist. “Thank you. Thank you, Mike Pence.”

On a day when there hasn’t been much good news to stomach, we’re just gonna go ahead and remind ourselves that no matter how bad a Trump presidency looks now, it could have been worse.

It could have been Mike Pence.

[H/T Quartz]

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