Harry Styles Announced His New Debut in the Most Dramatic Way Possible

Harry Styles was believed by many to be the Justin Timberlake of One Direction, and yet, for the past year, he‘s mostly stayed out of the spotlight while he filmed his little war movie.

And apparently now that he’s a serious actor, he’s also a serious musician, which explains the very dramatic ad he announced his debut single with.

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It all started on Saturday afternoon when out of the blue, Harry posted a row of white squares on Instagram and casually tweeted out that he just posted a new photo.

Harry’s fans, myself included, immediately started foaming at the mouth, speculating that they just might die from excitement.

And then Harry started running an incredibly serious television advertisement in the UK in which he walked towards a door, beyond which was an overwhelmingly bright white light — which normally signifies death, but I guess is supposed to signify he’s being re-birthed as a sexy solo star.

Obviously, launching a solo career that’s destined to leave Zayn quaking in his Versace boots is a momentous occasion, but since when has seriousness ever been a part of Harry’s brand?

His whole thing is that he’s a goofball with a mischievous streak wide enough to give Taylor Swift song material for a lifetime.

So I’ll be real with all of you, I’m very concerned about this single and the direction his career is about to take, but maybe I’m wrong.

And for Harry’s sake, I hope I am.

He’s done a whole lot of groundwork to go down in history as the JC Chasez of One Direction.

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