Make Fun Of Halle Berry’s Hair Now, But You’ll Be Copying It Later

So much controversy unfolded at the Oscars last night that you may have forgotten what everyone was tweeting about earlier in the night.

Here’s a reminder: it was Halle Berry’s hair.

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The actresses choice to rock a glam clown-wig style was an interesting one. And Twitter wasted no time roasting her.

Other Twitter users felt the need to clarify something to all the outlets writing about Halle Berry “boldly rocking her natural hair.”

But as we’ve seen with many trends, sometimes the thing you called ridiculous in February ends up being the thing you and all your BFFs are rocking in June. So, the question is, is big hair back?

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We talked to Andrita Renee, editorial hair stylist, about if she thinks everyone’s going to be grabbing their curling iron and rocking Halle’s do in a few months.

“I don’t foresee Halle’s style becoming a trend per se,” she says. “Maybe fatter, more plush ringlets will gain popularity, or highlights.”

But big hair — even the kind with Little Orphan Annie curls — was popping up all over NYC during fashion week, and it’s only some time before that trickles down to daily styles, right?

Well, sort of. Andrita says she gets where Halle’s hairstylist was going, and he wasn’t totally off, but there are a couple tweaks you need to make for IRL if you want to rock this.

The problem was in the shape and texture of the ‘do.

“Hair, real or other, should not sit atop one’s head like a pet,” said Andrita. “The shape of this style was uneven in a way that wasn’t cohesive with the polished makeup and wardrobe look. Unevenly shaped hair can look amazing when paired with an edgier overall aesthetic. Not so much for the Oscars.”

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She also echoed what many Twitter critics were saying; this look is not natural, and actually looks overly styled.

“Big curls are beautiful. But thousands of perfect ringlets like Halle’s Oscar look can look very dated, or worse, childish,” said Andrita. “Separating the curls with your fingers can make the curls look more lived in and less Shirley Temple.”

We love the big hair look, and mark our words: it’ll be huge in a couple months. Just ditch the Orphan Annie look for something a bit more casual. Check out Andrita’s take on it here.

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