Dakota Johnson & Jamie Dornan Made Everyone Cringe at the Oscars

There’s a longstanding rumor that Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson can’t stand each other, and their awkward presentation at the Oscars together last night only added fuel to the fire.

One might even say it was 50 shades of awkward.

“You look familiar,” a ghostly pale Dakota Johnson dead-panned to a shell-shocked-looking Jamie Dornan, after having stiffly walking with him arm-in-arm to the microphone.

He responded by saying a random collection of words out loud which sounded like, “Mmhmm, I’m purely doing.”

Then, after realizing that sentence made absolutely zero sense, he made a face that can best be described as, “Mommy, I made an uh oh.”

Without skipping a beat or offering him a word of reassurance, Dakota Johnson steamrolled ahead with the presentation for production design, with a look on her face that read, “can you believe I have to stand next to this idiot?”

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Only one more movie left guys.

If Britney can get through 2007, you can make it through one more year of public appearances together.

[H/T Elle]

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