Celebs Made the Most Ridiculous Faces During the La La Land Mix-Up

Last night’s Academy Awards ceremony was awkward, to say the least.

The biggest award of the Oscars, Best Picture, was given to the wrong movie, “La La Land,” before being given to “Moonlight.”

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If you were watching at home, there’s a good chance you spilled your wine while your jaw dropped down to the floor. It was like Steve Harvey all over again, but worse.

But celebrities, they’re just like us.

While you looked like a deer in headlights and quickly tried to clean your popcorn off the floor that you threw everywhere in shock, the Oscars attendees were basically doing the same.

Just take a gander at this hilarious crowd pic that caught all your fave Hollywood peeps doing their best “WTF/OMG” face.

Salma, we feel you. Also, lol at The Rock.

Turns out celebs do have feelings, even when they’re not being paid for it!

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