Hailey Baldwin Is the 2nd Celeb to Jump on the 80s Perm Bandwagon

I almost can’t believe I’m saying this, but Hailey Baldwin is having an honest to yes gawd moment right now.

She just shot what might be the best, most progressive and confusing magazine cover of all time and now she has the distinction of becoming the second celebrity to jump on the “my hair’s so permed it’s like I just time traveled from the 80s” look that Halle Berry debuted at the Oscars this year.

Finally, Hailey Baldwin has realized her true potential and become, dare I say it, a trendsetter.

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On Thursday afternoon, Hailey posted a series of black and white behind the scenes snaps from a shoot for Remix Magazine, who is now calling her “the world’s hottest 20-year-old.”

Two days ago, I have scoffed at that lofty claim, but now, I don’t know.

In the BTS shots, Hailey Baldwin is SMOLDERING in her slightly ahead of the time Sexy Sandy corkscrew curls, looking like she just turned down Mick Jagger at Studio 54.

by @cameronmccool

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Granted, Hailey wasn’t wearing these curls to an event like Halle Berry did, but that’s how trends start.

You see them in the magazines and on Instagram one million times and through all that repetition, your mind slowly stops labeling it “different” and starts labeling it “cool.”

So good on Hailey Baldwin for getting on the forefront of an emerging trend.

It may not be a Vogue cover, but it may be enough to kick her quest for supermodel stardom into over drive.

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