Bella Hadid is the First Celeb to Jump on Halle Berry’s Corkscrew Curls Trend

Reach out for your curling iron and hold on to it for dear life babes, because the poodle hair trend we predicted back in February is one step closer to happening thanks to Miss Bella Hadid.

On Monday, presumably while waiting to have her picture taken at a photoshoot, Bella Hadid hiked up the panty lines of her shiny black leotard, crossed her legs and struck a pose to show the world, “I am poodle, hear me roar.”

still goin🖤

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And she was still proud to be a poodle when she decided to get her party animal on out in NYC later that night.

Jacket goals😻😝

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TBH, the whole look is a little Shirley Temple gone bad, but hey, it’s a look.

And as somebody who willingly crimped my hair multiple times in the 2000s, I don’t think I have the moral high ground to pass judgement on any questionable hair style people want to emulate.

So if you want to be ahead of the times and look like a poodle too, don’t even stress yourself out about how tf you’re gonna make your straight hair do tricks, because we have a tutorial for you.

Go get your poodle on, bb.

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