Guys Admit The Dumbest Things They Did To Get Laid

Let’s be real. We’ve all done some dumb-ass shit to get laid before. Maybe it was something semi-innocent, like pretending to be drunker than we actually are. Or maybe it was something semi-dangerous, like walking four blocks in a snowstorm wearing a mini skirt because you needed the D.

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Whatever it was, we all know that guys are way more desperate to get laid. So we polled some dudes, and consulted a Reddit thread, to get all the dirty details.

1. Dressed As a Cookie

“The girl I was hooking up with wanted to be a sexy Cookie Monster for Halloween and asked if I would dress up with her. I ended up in baby blue Under Armour leggings and cookies painted all over my body… my friends still make fun of me to this day. But we’re also dating now.” – Anonymous

2. Broke Into a Massage Hut

“I was in Cancun and me and a girl I had hooked up with earlier that week were hanging out in the hot tub drinking tequila. I couldn’t fuck her on the beach because there were people on the beach, but at the resort they had those massage huts on the beach. The door was locked, but I drunkenly climbed the hut and snuck in the window and unlocked the door so we could fuck in there.” – Anonymous

3. Got His Study On

“Read the entire works of Shakespeare (the compilation book) so that I could impress this girl who I heard bangs guys who are into literature at the library. I learned later that she just bangs guys at the literature section of the library.” – JellyMule

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4. Sorry, No Girl Actually Wants To See That

“Sent a girl dick pics because she said she wanted to see, and that she would send some back… Never sent them back. Now all her friends have also seen my dick. As well as anyone hanging around her when she gets drunk and decides to be mean.” – PM_Me_Your_Ass_Feet

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5. Okay, Savage

“Lowered my standards… It worked.” – Fuck_Askreddit_Mods

6. Donald, Is That You?

“I ran for and was elected to student government my freshman year of college, following a girl who was also running.” – thehonestyfish

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7. Aw, Low Key Cute

“Travel 4,500 miles to Florida. My family told me I was crazy. It worked, now we’re married.” – zerbey

8. Okay, Same Though

“Spent ten years learning to become a mime.” – MykaFox

9. Hope It Was Sparkly

“Watched Twilight in theaters.” – colp4k

10. Jesus Loves You

“Went to church.” – Cindernubblebutt

11. A Feminist Who Can’t Spell, Apparently

“Told a girl that i was a feminist and had been to South Africa fighting for women right. The shame still hoovers over me.” (sic) – NakedSnake333

12. Sounds Pretty Ratch

“I said yes to having sex in the trunk of a car. I got rug burn on my face and felt like I was gonna have a heat stroke and then had to go back to school and interact with people.” – Anonymous

13. Hope You Fed Them Cannolis Afterwards

“I’m fluent in a few languages, so I pretended I was Italian when I visited Boston, met some girls at a bar, and got invited to a Harvard party. I was ‘Francesco from Milan.’ Faked a heavy Italian accent all night while speaking English, nobody suspected a thing. I did it for shits and giggles, ended up having a threesome with two girls that night.” – Anonymous

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