Good Luck Guessing What These Bizarre Weight Loss Products Do

In this body-image obsessed world we live in, there are certain products that are definitely side-eye worthy. Forget surgery, everything you can possibly think of wanting to fix on your body can simply be solved with these do-it-at-home tools. At least, that’s what the people selling these products want you to think.

From facial slings to cupping for cellulite, these products are just as ridiculous as they look. Try guessing WTF they do from looking at them, we bet you can’t.

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1. The Ultimate Pacifier 

The Facial Fitness PAO claims to help reverse the drooping effect of aging and tighten facial muscles by having you flap your face up and down with this thing in your mouth for just 60 seconds a day. Sounds lit. See it in action here.



2. It’s Definitely Not a Period Cup

Meet Cellu Cup, the cup that apparently helps reduce the appearance of unwanted cellulite. When paired with the “roll and pinch” technique, the silicone massager does just that when used four times a week, for 4 minutes per day — allegedly.


3. Don’t Want A Double Chin? Try This

There are all kinds of ridic exercise machines for your body, why not for your neck? The Neckline Slimmer will supposedly tone your neckline and promises that you will see dramatic results in just 2 minutes with no surgery needed. After all, this machine would be such a chic neck accessory!


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4. Weight Loss Toe Rings?

Remember when toe rings were a thing? Now you can wear them not for cute accents on your toes, but for losing weight. Because of the 1,100 magnetic Gaussian scale in the ring, it stimulates a foot massage, which is supposed to help you lose fat while shaping your legs and improving incorrect walking. Right.




5. A Chill Patch For Your Tongue

According to Women Fitness, the patch pictured above is called a prolene mesh. It is a part of “the tongue patch diet.” So, how do they get it to stay on? Well, by putting multiple stitches into your tongue. Yikes. The patch apparently stops you from wanting to eat any solid foods due to the discomfort of eating. It’s kind of like a juice cleanse that you’re forced to stick to. Chill. If you can’t calm your curious mind, check it out here.

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6. This Face-Sucker

Imagine putting an elbow compression sleeve around your face. Makes you cringe a little, huh? Well, that’s exactly what this Joly Full Face Style Anti Wrinkle Face Slimming Cheek Mask is. For 30 to 40 minutes, you have to walk around or sleep with your face smooshed together, and you’ll supposedly lose your double chin and sagging cheeks in three months. Good luck.



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