This Face Mask Gives You a Caffeine Buzz

Not to sound like a total Cat Marnell wannabe, but when I was in college, I was really into Adderall. Like, probably a little too into it.

I was so enamored with the buzz it gave me and the type-A qualities that went along with it, I would try to replicate its effects with sh*t tons of coffee. I even started smoking to keep the buzz going. And one time, my roommate and I tried using caffeinated soap on our entire bodies to get our fix. We both ended up shaking for an hour after using it and threw the soap out not much later.

Nowadays, I derive energy from healthier sources like food, exercise, getting eight hours of sleep a night and, you know, not binge drinking every chance I get. I’m a little healthier than I was in college.

But I still love a good coffee buzz, and I found the perfect product for coffee addicts who want an extra little boost, but not in the form of a fully caffeinated soap.

A product of Frank Body, an exquisitely branded Aussie beauty company I first heard of on the Lady Lovin’ podcast, it’s called the Glow Mask. It feels super thick and syrupy, and it contains shea and cocoa butters, coffee seed oil, berry seed oils, and goji berry extract. Translation: hella caffeine and antioxidants.

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My personal favorite time to deploy this mask is the mornings that I don’t get a chance to exercise before work (a.k.a. most days). I give myself bonus points for wearing it while I listen to a meditation app for added energy. Not only does it give you a little extra pep in your step, it makes your skin tingle too.

The label says to only use it twice a week, but you’ll probably have to restrain yourself from using it every day. It just smells sooo good, and is the perfect thing for staring out your window waiting for your actual cup of coffee to cool down enough to drink.

Busted: @ashleychmelka and I having a morning quickie. Luckily I had my top on… 🙈💕

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So anyway, whether you’re trying to get over Adderall or you just want to liven up your morning in a non-problematic way, this mask is a shortcut to a nice little buzz. Plus, it makes your skin look fab. It smells and feels so good you might forget it’s actually beauty-related.

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