Good Luck Guessing What These Bizarre Beauty Tools Do

Welcome to the world of beauty tools — products that are supposed to make life a little easier, cuts your makeup application time in half, and gives you more affordable options besides surgery to change your look.

Some beauty tools, though, are super weird. Half the time you can’t even tell what a product actually does until you read the description. There are even products that are so crazy looking, you wouldn’t dare be seen using them in front of people.

Below, I’ve listed some of the most ridiculous beauty tools that I bet you wouldn’t be able to guess the purpose of them on the first try.

1. What that mouth do?… jk

This jaw dropping tool is actually for slimming your face.

Only using it for about 3 minutes a day, this mouthpiece is supposed to work out the chin, cheek, and other face areas that will result in a more youthful and smoother complexion. Once popping this sucker in your mouth, start doing mouth movements to start the exercise. Before you know it, you’ll have that vibrant face you always wanted.

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But if you want to use for that reason, then go right ahead because this Amazon customer did:


2. The Newly Created Lip Suction Plumper?

Well, not quit. This lovely device is used to enlarge your nipples with just a vacuum pump.

Yes, I said nipples. It is claimed to enlarge underdeveloped breasts without surgery. It is said to expect no loss of size after 22 months of use.

There’s no way this actually works, sorry.

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3. Guitar Pick?

Not a guitar pick, but it is a tool to help get the perfect wing liner and cut crease eyeshadow. Created by Beauty Blender, the “liner.designer pro” is the go-to tool to create the multiple liner looks without problem. It evens comes with a compact mirror and suction cup to keep it out of harms way.


4. Back Scratcher, Right?

No. This touchy looking thing is not for back scratching, but for your breasts. Called the “Takiko Shindo Produce Breast Gymnastics Hand Massager,” it is used to reform sagging boobs. With a thorough massage from this handy gadget, you’ll get the results of perky boobs without the cost of plastic surgery.



5. A Girly-fied Portable Boomerang?


You can definitely throw this at someone if you want, but its intended use is to guide you through shaping your eyebrows. Crazy, right? Not quite sure how, check out this YouTube video to get the step by step tutorial on how to work it.


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6. Speculum?

Though it may look like the physical example of the anatomy of the vagina, or just a doctor’s tool to check one out, it’s not. If you look closely, you can see the outline of what’s supposed to be brows. Guess you’re supposed to use it like a stencil?

Given that everybody’s eyebrows differ, I don’t see how this would actually work. At least it’s only $3.


7. Foot Massager Glove?


This tool was made to make the process of cleaning your makeup brushes a little bit more easier. Sigma Beauty created this handy device to assist with deep cleaning brushes and reshaping them.


8. Breast Chicken Cutlet?

Even though it looks like something you would use to give yourself cleavage, this little thing is the latest beauty trend that’s spreading like wildfire. Known as a “silicone sponge,” it is the new creation that will help you get a flawless looking foundation application without any streaks.


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9. A Lip Fungus

This little nasty looking device is called a “Tongue Turn” and it is actually used to fight the signs of aging and exercise your mouth. As for the nine bumps placed on it, those are for your tongue to swirl against, which forces your jaw and mouth to push up sagging cheeks. LOL YEAH RIGHT.


10. The New “It” Eyeglasses?

Thankfully, these strange looking glasses are not straight from the runway. Made in Japan, this beauty gadget is called a eyelid trainer— used to create the look of double eyelids for those lacking. Don’t hold your breath on this one.


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