Gone Girl: Emily Ratajkowski Is Acting Guys & Its Great

I, like most of America, saw Gone Girl this weekend. Also like most of America, I really f***ing liked it. Known for Fight Club, House of Cards, The Social Network, and (fun fact!) JT’s Suite and Tie music video, David Fincher’s latest film is impressively even darker and more twisted.

The murder mystery, based on Gillian Flynn’s best selling novel, is full of thrilling plot twists and grade A performers such as powerhouse actors Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike, and Neil Patrick Harris. And then there’s Emily Ratajkowski, who is not really either of those things.

The 23-year-old Blurred Lines girl, turned Sports Illustrated model, turned actress, randomly has a supporting role in the film. While the role is small, she’s maybe in four scenes tops, its definitely intrinsic to the plot. I’m not going to tell you why she’s important cause like 75% of the movie’s awesomeness is its “holy f*** I did not see that coming” moments so just take my word for it if you haven’t seen it yet (and go and see it like rn).

Although her character itself is pretty cliche, and at some points the dialogue between her and Ben Affleck feels semi-forced, and I reflexively did the biggest eye roll of my life when in her first scene she takes her top off, ultimately Ms. Ratajkowski really was not bad at all. Looks wise, it was completely obvious why Fincher cast her. Her character, Andie, is a young, bombshell type, college girl/aspiring actress, with v big boobs. Sound pretty much 100% accurate. But given that I pretty much just described every 20-something actress in Hollywood, and given Fincher’s status as a challenging and creatively successful director, Ratajkowski must have also been up to his standards of artistry. And much to my surprise (sorry I’m a hater), she totally was.

The model-turned-actress-turned-back-to-model-cause-they-were-not-very-good-at-acting career path is a tale as old as time (see Gisele in Taxi and Tyra Banks in Coyote Ugly) but after this performance I would bet that Ms. Ratajkowski has a very decent career ahead of her. Her next project, We Are Your Friends, where she stars opposite Zac Efron is due to come out in 2015, so you don’t have to wait long to see more of this bombshell’s acting skills. And at the end of the day I’d say that since Blurred Lines her career is going significantly better than Robin Thicke’s so there’s always that.

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