Girls, Girls, Girls: NYC’s Coolest School Us on Girl Power

New York City is one of the coolest cities in the world, so it’s brimming with sophisticated, influential, empowering young girls who are ready to take the world by the balls.

Here are nine of our faves, shot by photog Hannah Sider, explaining what girl power means to them.

Janelle, Writer

“Girl power” is just an easy, short-hand term to bucket all of the unique displays of asserting oneself in the world. I’d like to think it was invented so the world could get to a place where we can just say ‘power,’ minus the gendered qualifier. If women weren’t historically oppressed, that’s what we’d call it. ”

Michelle, Brand Manager

“Girls compete with each other. Women empower one another.”

Ellis, Photographer

“Because I was raised by a single Cuban mother, confidence and girl power is all I even know.”

Mellany Sanchez, stylist

“A girl’s power comes from her most authentic self, also known as her best look.”

Martine, Jewelry Designer

“Girl power is the new luxury.”

Mallory, Singer

“Everyone should always encourage girls to shine. And let them shine, too. It’s ok for us to steal the spot light every once in a while.”

Nicole Della Costa, Artist

“The world is bigger than your mind and your mind is bigger than yourself.”

Kitty Cash, DJ

“There is a unique energy and force that is unspoken amongst women who empower other women. There is an unmistakable confidence, an unforgettable warmth, and sisterly bond that is unbreakable. Girl power is having enough love, self-awareness, and self-confidence to know that you are more powerful united with other like minded women.”

Karina April Istomina, DJ 

“Girl Power”

Photography By Hannah Sider

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