Girls Explain the Pros and Cons of IUDs

When Trump was officially elected president, tons of women were urged to go to their doctors and get an IUD.

Because it’s a one time thing that lasts years, you don’t have to pay each month like you would with birth control. That way, if Trump does something to take away funding that made birth control free for women, those with IUDs won’t have to worry about their birth control for a while.

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Thankfully, Trump hasn’t ruined birth control for those of us who already got it for free (for now), but many women still are interested in IUDs, especially those who have heard that the pill has a ton of negative side effects.

Unfortunately, IUDs have side effects as well, but they can be different from the pill. The only true way you’ll know how a hormonal IUD will affect you is if you try it yourself. But if you’re not trying to do that quite yet, you can see what other women who have IUDs think about them. Tons of women wrote in a Reddit thread about their experience, and we’re sharing them with you here so you know what to expect.

Some women were all about that IUD life.

“I have the Mirena,” said Reddit user Sarahadeline. “I don’t get periods anymore which is wonderful. I never need to remember to take my pills, I’ve had no side effects…It’s a dream. 10/10 would recommend.”

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Another women using Mirena said the only downside was the pain upon insertion. And while being on the pill made her gain weight, get acne, and have mood swings, her IUD has given her 0 side effects.

Reddit user chiggins82 had a similar opinion. She said she didn’t experience any pain upon insertion and that many women don’t, the only issue she’s had is that she spotted a week after the first period she had (she’s only had the IUD for two months).

“So far I’m very happy I got my IUD. The pill was giving me emotional side effects, those have gone since switching,” she said.

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With birth control, the worst side effects tend to occur during the first few months, but it seems that IUDs have the least amount of side effects during the beginning and side effects are more likely to show up later.

For example, Reddit user americanfish, who was on Skyla, started having bad cramps after a year of having the IUD.

“I had an ultrasound a few months ago so they could make sure [the IUD] was still in place,” she says. “They’re a little different from my regular cramps. They feel lower and are more intense. I take ibuprofen and relax with a hot water bottle during cramp days.”

But, even with the cramps, she still says she likes the IUD better than the pill because she’s less moody.

“I had one for two years, but it gave me such a bad skin and I’d have uterine pain really often, but other than that, no problem,” said Reddit user Another_shy_girl. “I think it is really safe and the insertion isn’t as bad. I was really scared and it didn’t hurt much. It is just unpleasant, same for having it removed!”

IUDs have a lot of perks, and if you’re not happy with the pill it might be a good option for you. But unfortunately, it’s not always all good sex and no periods.

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