Girlboss Review: This Show Is Corny AF

If you’re looking for a good time, don’t watch Netflix’s new show “Girlboss.”

If you’re looking for a mediocre time you can laugh about with your friends when you’re stoned af, don’t watch “Girlboss.”

Honestly, the only reason why you should watch “Girlboss” is if you’re looking for a one-way ticket to lobotomy town.

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In case you don’t know, “Girlboss” is a “real loose” retelling of the “true events” that led Sophia Amoruso to start her Nasty Gal empire.

Of course, her company eventually went bankrupt, got sold to the highest bidder and has reemerged as a big ol’ hot mess, but chances are the series won’t be around long enough to tackle the messier parts of Amoruso’s career.


“Girlboss” gets off to a rough start, and if you manage to make it longer than ten minutes into the first episode, you’ll see that it never regains its footing.

The main problem is Sophia Amoruso’s manic pixie dream girl of a character.

She listens to retro music, wears vintage clothing, equates adulthood with being boring, and she doesn’t give a fuck about anything – including saying words like “shitburger” and “bam, son!”

And therein lies the problem.

She’s supposed to be a cool, alt girl, but cool girls don’t walk around using words like “shitburger” – only corny, wack girls do.

And that’s exactly how Girlboss comes off.

As a show for corny, wack girls and the corny, wack moms who gave birth to them.

Although if you are looking for a sign that you can be the worst, get fired from your job, eat a bagel out of a dumpster, and at the end of the day figure out the secret to running your own business, then congratulations, you just might be corny and wack enough to enjoy this show.

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Honestly, I don’t even want to talk about this show anymore or what happens in it because I’m traumatized by the fact that I even had to watch it in the first place.

But I will say that the one thing I learned is that when you’re selling your vintage clothes on eBay, you should take a thotty picture of yourself modeling it.

Now please take my advice and just say no to “Girlboss.”

It’s just not worth it.

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