People Are Really Pissed At Nasty Gal

In case you weren’t aware, Nasty Gal officially filed for bankruptcy a bit ago.

Even if you didn’t know that, you probably noticed that they had insane sales for the last few weeks. While 70% off the entire site was nothing to snuff about, there was one caveat: everything was non-returnable.

This left people, such as my co-worker Maria, in a predicament.

“Should I buy this LBD with my $60 credit?” she asked me via Slack. “I don’t really like it, but I don’t want my credit to go away if they close down.”

After I told her (lovingly) that the dress looked like an emo Cousin Itt, she decided against it. But she noticed today that Nasty Gal had launched a new site, and her store credit was completely gone. In fact, she couldn’t even login to her account any longer.

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Maria’s resigned on the whole issue – especially because the new clothes on the site look like Wet Seal rejects, but other people aren’t. In fact, Nasty Gal posted not one, but two Instagram posts acknowledging the shit-storm that they are currently facing.

Eek. This is not a good look.

What’s more confusing is that it doesn’t appear that Nasty Gal learned their lesson. While there were a slew of reasons for Nasty Gal’s demise, part of the reason that I saw firsthand, as an ex-Nasty Gal stan, was that their clothes were getting increasingly expensive with decreasing quality.

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And yet, if you take a look at their new site, you’ll see that the clothes look even worse, but that the prices haven’t seemed to go down.

I mean, would you buy this for $70? Doesn’t look like it’s worth $70 to me, especially with that lovely bodysuit where you can see the crotch snaps.


The site has undergone lots of changes in the past few hours, and is starting to look more like the Nasty Gal site we used to know, but Maria still doesn’t have her store credit. We will update this story as more unfolds. RIP Nasty Gal.

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