A Girl Proposed to Her Boyfriend At an Adele Concert and He Was Not Into It

Some poor soul went out on a limb by proposing to her boyfriend in public at an Adele concert yesterday, and he was not stoked about it.

The show was in Belfast, Ireland, where ~*legend has it*~ women are allowed to propose to their boyfriends on the rare occasion every four years that a Leap Day occurs.

Of course, in real life and during Leap Years, you’re allowed to propose to your boyfriend whenever the hell you feel like it. The bummer of it all, though, is that he’s also allowed to say no and humiliate you for life. And that’s basically what happened here.

Since yesterday was Feb. 29, one Irish lass decided to ask her boyfriend to marry her at the concert. Adele pulled her up onstage and asked what happened. At least I think that’s what she asked. Since she was in her native UK, her Eliza Doolittle accent was turnt all the way up last night, to the point where we almost need subtitles.

Anyway, the girlfriend somehow kept it together long enough to tell Adele that the boyfriend “said maybe in a little while.”

Ouch. This is sad, but not totally surprising. Anyone who has ever interacted with a heterosexual male could tell you there’s a pretty big chance that getting the question popped at him at an Adele concert, of all places, might not be his cup of tea. This guy’s lame response leads us to believe he’s probably pretty bro-ey and traditionally minded. If you’re going to emasculate a guy like that by proposing to him, at least do it at a WWE match.

Click here to watch the video and remember to never, ever emulate a Debra Messing rom com character if you want to keep your dignity intact.

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