Gigi Hadid Proved You Don’t Have to Be Naked to Look Hot on Halloween

With few exceptions, if you’re female and you’re not spending Halloween watching horror movies on the couch, you want to look hot on Halloween.

Think about it. Halloween is the one night of the year where everybody you’re hanging out with actually gives a shit about looking hot and taking pictures to prove it, and the easiest way to get ready for one of those nights is to reach for a naked costume and call it a day. Besides, after November, it’s officially sweater weather, so you might as well show some skin while you still can, right?

But last night, Gigi Hadid managed to look hot without succumbing to the lazy allure of the thotty costume.


A photo posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

Note the cute low pigtails, the chic bandana tied around her neck, the flattering and non-costumey hat, and the on-trend velvet pants.

Did you ever even believe such a cute G-rated cub scout costume was even possible?

Granted, it helps to be a supermodel, but Gigi’s costume is a nice reminder that even though dressing yourself will take a little more effort, there is life after sweater weather.

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