Gigi Hadid is Determined to Make Plaid Slacks Happen

Gigi Hadid wears a lot of clothes, but she doesn’t normally wear clothes that scream “emo thot.”

But she does spend a lot of time hanging around her sister Bella, and Bella love love loves to dress like a thotty Hot Topic employee.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that sisters share clothes, but recently Gigi’s been experimenting with making thotty mall goth fashion her own, starting with plaid slacks.

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On Thursday night, Gigi was out and about in New York City wearing a black mesh bodysuit, a black sports bra, an oversized green flannel top, and a matching pair of plaid pants.

May 4: #GigiHadid out in New York City.

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And at the V Magazine party last month, Gigi wore a black mesh top with a lacy black bra, a black crushed velvet moto jacket, and a pair of red plaid pants WITH A FRICKIN’ CHAIN.


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So watch out Bella, cuz Gigi is stealing your lewk.

But the rest of the world can probably take it easy. Gigi doesn’t have a history of making the trends she tries to start actually happen.

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