How To Copy Bella Hadid’s Emo Thot Style

Hate it or love it, but emo fashion is making a comeback.

Kim Kardashian’s wearing lip rings in public, Versace’s sending models down the runway wearing Manic Panic streaks in their hair, and even Bella Hadid is walking around town like she just went on a shopping spree at Hot Topic.

So if you’re tired of wearing millennial pink and mom jeans, have no fear.

The age of the emo thot is on the rise – and here’s how to copy one of our favorite emo looks so far.

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During fashion month, Bella decided that if she had to go to a restaurant called Sexy Fish, she might as well look angsty about it.

So she affixed some X marks the spot pasties on her nips, threw on a sheer black mesh crop top, and laced-up a pair of denim pants covered with emo-looking patches.

February 18: #BellaHadid and #KendallJenner leaving Sexy Fish in London.

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Granted no emo babe worth her salt would be caught dead wearing a Kangol hat in public, but Bella still looked like pouty perfection – and here’s what you need to buy to steal her look.

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The “I Like My Pants Like My Soul: Dark” Jeans


Emo kids have a lot of thoughts/feelings/concerns, and one of their biggest concerns is making sure everybody who looks at them knows they care about things so deeply they’ll ruin a perfectly good pair of pants to give their favorite band/personal philosophy free advertising.

That might be a cynical view on patches, but if the label fits…


Are You There Slipknot, It’s Me, Pasties


Every girl needs a pair of pasties in her life whether or not she’s getting her emo thot on or just trying to not get too nipply at a classy event.


Have fun thotting around town, emo bbs.

And just remember, Bella Hadid is proud of you.

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