Gigi Won’t Stop Wearing This Disturbing Turtleneck Trend

Bless Gigi Hadid’s heart, because she will go down with the sinking ship of a fashion trend she started back in November that we’ve affectionately nicknamed the most disturbing trend of our time.

Wearing a turtleneck layered underneath a crewneck sweater.

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Now, this clothing trend may not sound like a big deal, but rest assured not even the Gigis, Kendalls and Selenas of the world can wear it without either looking like a little kid or like they’re just messing with us.

But Gigi isn’t ready to give up the good fight just yet, so over the weekend she once again pledged allegiance to the united states of turtleneck, and this time she ended up looking like a Halloween pumpkin.

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March 17: #GigiHadid leaving her apartment in Manhattan.

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Gigi, we love you, but this trend is a no-win for everybody involved.

Just say no to layering turtlenecks, kids.

If even the models can’t pull it off, it won’t look good on you either.

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