Gigi Doesn’t Know How to Quit This Disturbing Turtleneck Trend

You have to hand it to Gigi Hadid.

When she commits to trying to make a fashion trend happen, she doesn’t let anything stop her – even the rising temperatures in New York City.

Which is why we’ll probably never see the end of Gigi wearing the disturbing turtleneck trend she started last November.

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On Wednesday night, Gigi decided to re-wear the outfit she wore when she debuted this trend, even though it was May and it’s a little too late in the year to wear a turtleneck under a crewneck sweater.

You know, YOLO.

May 3: #GigiHadid and #BellaHadid out in New York City.

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TBH she’s learned a thing or two about styling her trend, because this outfit looks way better than when she wore it the first time around.

And it definitely looked better than the time she cos-played as a Halloween pumpkin.

March 17: #GigiHadid leaving her apartment in Manhattan.

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Still, there’s no way to pull this off without looking a little dweeby.

Even Selena can’t pull it off.

Selena leaving Nine Zero One Salon – January 19th

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And don’t even get us started on Kendall.

Gigi, maybe it’s just time to let this one die.

Just a thought.

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