Get Your Killer Festival Bod

It’s festival season and it’s time to shed the winter weight and get those short shorts ready to go! Here are 10 tips for a smoking body to dance your nights away.

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1. Keep nuts, fruits, and other healthy snacks on hand so you don’t reaching for the wrong stuff.

2. Drink plenty of water, sparkling or still, instead of pop and juice, which are filled with sugar and pack the pounds.

3. Try setting up your routine so that you don’t eat anything at least three hours before bed. This will give you enough time to burn those dinner calories and help you boost your deep sleep.

4. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and be careful with your dressings and sauces, which can be hidden with tons of calories. Instead make your own homemade dressings with oil and vinegar. Delicious and healthy.

5. Know where to grab healthy food en route to your job, your gym, your friend’s houses, etc. Knowing where to grab good food when you’re on the go helps you to make good choices.

6. Cardio is important and getting your heart rate up is the key to both cardiovascular health and for burning calories. Doing weights and workouts that build muscle also helps you burn more resting calories so you can loose weight while you’re just hanging out.

7. Try to eliminate dairy, wheat, and alcohol if you can. At the least, try to lighten the load and choose goat cheese, greek yogurt, gluten free choices, and clear alcohol like a vodka soda when socializing. It’s simple: calories in versus calories out!

8. Choose the stairs or walk to work instead of taking taxi’s and elevators. Try to get exercise anytime you can. It not only helps you burn more calories, but also helps boost those happy hormones.

9. Find someone to tag along with you on your workouts or your new eating regime. This will help you keep accountable as well as have the support of someone else when you’re trying to commit!

10. Try and do something physical everyday, even if it’s only 10-15 minutes. Walking, running, yoga, stretching and biking. Everything counts and it starts to become a habit and something you look forward to when you start seeing the results!

When you go to festivals and shows, make sure you pack healthy snacks and hydrate so the sun doesn’t burn you out. It’s always okay to indulge, but just look for some balance so you keep can keep your party up!


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