Genesis Vega Proves Short Girls Can Slay, Too

Just a short time ago, models all had to have pretty much the same body type — tall af and thin.

But model Genesis Vega is making her mark on the industry despite being only 5’0″. We talked to her about empowerment, modeling, and her fave beauty products.

So I know ever since you were little you wanted to be a model. What are some things that shocked you most about the industry?

Gen: I started modeling when I was 16. At that time, I knew my height — 5’0″ — was frowned upon in the industry. But what shocked me the most was how easily it was for white models to be favored over WOC. Also, it’s very dehumanizing how  skinny and tall models are always the representation for “the perfect body,” rarely giving any other other body type a chance.

What is your personal definition of female empowerment and what does it mean to you?

Gen: My personal definition of female empowerment is women building and empowering one another. Especially women of color, we compete with one another trying to prove who’s better rather than coming together to take down the masses that created these stereotypes that stop us from being successful.

Your style and outfits are amazing. What are your inspirations behind your style and how would you describe your style in clothes?

Gen: My inspiration behind my outfits is my mom. Back when she was my age, she wanted to be a fashion designer and she would make these beautiful outfits for her dolls. Which mostly inspire my quirky 80’s/90’s style. And when I’m feeling badass I’ll use Rihanna for some bad gal RiRi inspo or my fav anime Nana for some goth inspiration. Therefore, my style is a mixture of everything I love with a hint of cuteness.

If you could change two things in the world right now, what would they be and why?

Gen: If I could change any two things in the world right now, one of them would be to get rid of any white supremacist like Donald Trump and Mike Pence. And to abolish racism with it as well.

What advice would you give any girl trying to pursue modeling or anything in the industry?

Gen: The advice I would give anyone who’s trying to pursue modeling/fashion industry is to NEVER let anyone limit your success. Fight for change. Be the change you want to see. Always believe in yourself and have patience.

What are your views on slut-shaming? How would you tell girls to handle it and to love themselves?

Gen: My view on slut-shaming is whatever a girl decides to do with her body is none of your business. Your body your choices, and anyone’s opinion doesn’t matter except your own.

What are four beauty products you can’t live without?

Gen: Four beauty products I can’t live without are my Glossier face wash, Glossier prime moisturizer, my L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara, and my Burt’s Bees Lip Gloss.

What’s your view on the idea the stereotypical body type every girl is supposed to have?

Gen: The stereotypical body goals is total BS because growing up, I was always bullied for having small boobs. I would cry and stuff my bras [so that] I wouldn’t feel inferior to the other girls whose bodies were more developed than mine. Now that I’m 19, I’m completely and utterly in love with myself and my body no matter how small my boobs are. Loving yourself is key to not caring about what people think of you and what you think of them. Everyone’s body is different no one is meant to look the same. And if you’re feeling down because your body doesn’t look a certain way, snap out of it because you’re staring at all the negatives instead of the beauty behind those flaws. Love your body it is the only one you have. Your body will thank you for loving yourself as well.

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