Gen Z Shares 40% Fewer Selfies Than Millennials

Babies these days are practically born with an iPhone in their hand. Even your big sister and other peeps that are barely older than you will scold you for constantly being on your phone, posting on Instagram, or having 100 second Snapchat stories.

But whatever, they don’t know your life, right?

They actually don’t know the statistics either. Because even though you may assume that Generation Z is all about that selfie life, millennials actually post more.

Boo-yah, bitches!

Generation Z shares 40% fewer selfies than millennials do, which is a pretty big percentage.

This data comes from photo-editing app YouCam, who also released the 12 types of selfie takers.

It’s unclear if these percentages take into consideration how many selfies people take that they don’t share, because it’s also been shown that Generation Z is much more selective with sharing selfies, whereas millennials might just YOLO and post every single one they took in the bar bathroom.

Either way, I think we’d probably count this as a win for Gen Z. Maybe we’re actually learning to live in the moment rather than worry about our Snapchat views? Or maybe we’re just less shameless with taking selfies with our dogs and babies and thinking that our Facebook friends actually care.

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