How 6 Reigning Instagram Queens Get Ready To Go Out

Ever wonder how the Instagram famous get ready for a fun night out? Yeah, we secretly all do.

Page Ruth, Apphia, Alanna Pearl, Josephine Pearl, Sarah Parker, and Coneja reveal their style + beauty processes in the Q+A, conducted by GBY Beauty, below. Yup, here’s how 6 reigning Instagram queens think about their own hair, makeup, outfit, scent, and “getting ready” playlist.

1. Page Ruth — @pageruth

HAIR:Pretty Pretty Collective blow out is a must!

MAKEUP: I can’t live with out my GBY lash extensions and a lip gloss.

OUTFIT: My go to outfit is a leather jacket and a tank top.

SCENT: Anything by Tom Ford.

PLAYLIST: I love all music!

2. Apphia — @phiphibb

HAIR: Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray!

MAKEUP: Definitely GBY eyelash extensions, Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz, Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation, and Hoola Bronzer by Benefit.

OUTFIT: I’d wear a pair of Nikes and a bomber jacket.

SCENT: Dead Sexy by Tokyo Milk is nice.

PLAYLIST: Probably “The Prescription” with Dr. Fresch.

3. Alanna Pearl — @alannapearl

HAIR: I like it puffy so I wash it, then air dry, and when it’s 95% dry — I twist it in little buns all over and leave it to dry all the way. I’ll either let down or just wear the buns.

MAKEUP: Lots of orange or mustard eyeshadow, lip liner, lip gloss, and GBY lashes.

OUTFIT: Whatever I copped at the thrift store that day, or maybe what I fell asleep in the night before.

SCENT: Vera Wang’s Princess Night.

PLAYLIST: It varies. But Cardi B., Young Thug, and Jeremih have recently been in heavy rotation.

4. Josephine Pearl — @princessgollum

HAIR: I use my fingers and I finger it.

MAKEUP: I usually do a red or mauve eyeshadow all over the eyes; over my brows and down to my cheeks. Then I’ll use some eyeliner, add a sh*t ton of highlighter, and finish with a gloss. Also, lashes by GBY!

OUTFIT: It’s pretty much whatever I feel like. Lately, I’ve been wearing a lot of slips and vintage tees with my favorite black patent thigh high boots!

SCENT: Chance by Chanel.

PLAYLIST: My favorite song right now is “Happy Days” by Brooke Candy.

5. Sarah Parker — @_sarahparker

HAIR: It’s very simple for me — either wild and out with all my curls or completely up and out of my face. I like to switch it up sometimes and have it straightened out, which is always a fun look. Plus, I get to see how long my hair has gotten! I love when @color.alchemist from Pretty Pretty Collective straightens it – she does an awesome job!

MAKEUP: Simple, simple! With GBY lashes, I don’t really need anything. I don’t wear makeup like that at all, unless I want to feel a bit girly-er. Then I’ll just throw on some glitter brows or a thin cat eye.

OUTFIT: I’d say my style is however I’m feeling that day! I can go from wearing heels to Vans in 2 seconds. I love to thrift, so most of my clothes are from hunting or the thrift gods blessing me (lol). I do the whole street wear thing to, but that’s kind of always been my style.

SCENT: I’m in love with Jo Malone. I try to keep it secret, I feel like people don’t really know too much about it. I guess now I just gave away my secret (lol), but they have so many scents. It’s awesome!

PLAYLIST: That’s so hard for me to narrow down. I listen to like 10 genres a day, though I’ve had Eminem’s “Superman” on repeat a lot. Great song.

6. Coneja — @c0neja

HAIR: I air dry, use a Wet Brush to de-tangle my fragile bleached hair, and douse it in Moroccan Oil.

MAKEUP: I use yellow primer to even out the discoloration and make me glow. I love Lime Crime’s Venus 1 Eyeshadow Pallet. Then I do a cat eye, thick winged lashes, and chunky bottom mascara. Nothing on the cheeks! Nothing on the brows! And I top it all off with some lip liner.

OUTFIT: I have 2 directions I usually go in. Everything in a men’s XL or everything hella form fitting.

SCENT: I like to smell like a French whore. I mix a little bit of Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle with YSL’s Black Opium.

PLAYLIST: I’m usually boppin’ to dark wave, dark gangster shit, black metal, and everything in between classic music to folky garage stuff. But lately, I’ve been going in on some old school System of a Down!

Creative Direction by Courtney Casgraux & Kendra Studdert of GBY Beauty

Photography by Bryan James Huntly Gordon

Styling by Mars Santiago & Courtney Casgraux

Makeup by Brianna Gallo

Hair by Shannon Dean & Desiree Gibbs from Pretty Pretty Collective in Los Angeles

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