Sarah Parker Created A Glitter Gel With GBY That’ll Keep Your Eyebrows On Fleek

A look can’t be complete if the brows aren’t on fleek. And with all the innovation in the current world of makeup, it’s imperative that your eyebrow routine doesn’t get stuck in the past. Thank the Goddesses, designer Sarah Parker of BunnyDreamz  and GBYBEAUTY, LA’s most innovative salon (they offer services like tooth gems and mink lash extensions), have dedicated their hearts and souls to revolutionizing the world of eyebrows. The product of their efforts has finally arrived, in the form of a disco ball for your eyebrows, Sarah Parker’s blue glitter brow gel. “It is unique, something new and different that I’ve been waiting for,” Parker told Galore. After slaving over the gel for months, mixing the perfect shade and picking the name, Bunny Blue, Parker let us in on a secret: “Girls are so surprised when they try it because it really does look so cute, and it’s way less out there than you would expect! It’s a fun look for Fall and the holidays, or any day really, when you want to add some fun and sparkle to your look!”

To get the look, Sarah Parker’s best advice is to have fun with the product. “Fill your brows however you’d like, ” she says. “It goes on smoothly, and once it’s dry there are no worries of glitter getting everywhere since it’s a gel! You can do a minimal look where you only brush in a little and get a bit of a sparkle. The more you apply, the better the color comes out.” 

What about the rest of the look?

“I’ll usually do a bit of a cat eye with a gloss or nude lip. Looks amazing when it catches the light, and the gel really brings out the color in everyone’s eyes.” 

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