Gabriella Bechtel’s Opinion On Instagram Etiquette Is Pretty Badass

Meet Gabriella Bechtel, aka @Gabbriette.

As our Instagram babe of the week, Gabriella’s account serves as an endless source for style inspiration. From what not to do on social media to first date makeup tips, Gabriella answers some of our favorite #GaloreGirl questions below.

If you could ask Aaron Carter one question, what would it be?

I forgot he existed.

What’s the perfect song to start a party?

“Thug” by Slim Thug or “This Must Be The Place” by Talking Heads.

What’s a social media faux pas, in your opinion?

Do whatever you want with your social media shit!

What album are you most excited for in 2016?

Slow Hollows!

If you were a music festival, which one would you be?

Odd Future Carnival.

What Disney princess do you most identify with?


What’s your favorite Kanye song of all time?

Flashing Lights.

Do you have an emergency pimple fixer?!

Toothpaste, tea tree oil, or peppermint oil! My friend Chelsea also taught me to treat my skin with some apricot oil, yummy.

You’re going out for dinner and drinks with the girls. What color lipstick are you wearing? Any particular brand?

Either none or a bold red that wouldn’t need any reapplying. I have a nice matte one by MAC that stays well.

You’re going on a date and you’re going for sultry lashes. Do you choose strip lashes or extensions?

I wouldn’t do either just for a date! A curl and some mascara is sultry enough for me.

It’s festival season and you’re shopping for bronzer. Which one do you buy?

No bronzer.

Your brows got waxed a bit too thin. What product do you use to fill them in?

I really like the Anastasia Brow Power Duo! I apply it with a small slanted brush and then comb my eyebrows up with a clear gel.

You’re about to be on long flight. What product do you never fly without?

My pillow.

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