A Fox Anchor Just Tweeted a Trump Accuser’s Phone Number

Fox Business News anchor Lou Dobbs just publicly tweeted the address and phone number of one of the women who accused Donald Trump of groping her to his 792,000 followers, according to Politico.

Translation: he’s taking a page out of the Rob Kardashian handbook, because Rob’s such a winner.

From Politico:

Dobbs linked to a post from a conservative news site that purported to link Leeds to the Clinton Foundation. The site published Leeds’ address and phone number — taken from public records — and then claimed, falsely, that her phone number is the same as a phone number for the Clinton Foundation.

Dobbs even went so far as to quote a tweet from another Twitter user that contained Leed’s phone number and address.

Although the tweet has since been deleted, it had garnered over 800 retweets.

The victim, 74-year-old Jessica Leeds, came out to the public about her experience sitting next to Donald Trump in the first-class section on a plane. Although they were strangers, Trump allegedly wasted no time and grabbed her breasts and tried to put his hands up under her skirt during the flight. Nice!

Coming forward about being sexually assaulted is scary. Coming forward about being sexually assaulted when your rapist has tons of crazy supporters who probably own guns is even scarier. A 74 year old women really doesn’t need pissed off dudes breaking down her door with their tractors and guns.

Trump supporters claim that the recent accusations are fake because if they were real the women would’ve come out with it years ago, but they’re in fact showing the women in question exactly why they kept things to themselves.

This isn’t the first woman who has been attacked after speaking out against Trump by angry misogynists, and she certainly won’t be the last. But the fact that it was a Fox News reporter and not some random white man who lives with his mom in Alabama is even more pathetic.

Can old white dudes please chill out for like, a second?

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