These football shirts are generic enough to wear to literally any game

Just because I don’t care about football doesn’t mean I don’t care about the Super Bowl.

I’d never, ever watch football in my free time. Sorry, but I have more important shit to do. I probably won’t even watch football on the actual Super Bowl. But do you know what I will do? Make buffalo chicken dip, drink too much beer, and find an excuse to wear some corny/thotty football themed outfit.

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But if you don’t care about football like me, or you just don’t have time to waste an entire Sunday staring at the TV, you probably don’t want to keep buying a new football jersey every year to support whatever team made it to the Bowl. Instead, buy one of these shirts.


Everybody is wearing those vintage tees from bands they don’t listen to, so why not wear a vintage tee from a sport you never watch? I won’t tell if you don’t.

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It’s cozy, it’s badass, and it proves that you can curse at the TV.


Here’s a shirt that can be worn for football, but can also be worn for any Sunday drinking activity, which makes it an extremely useful purchase.


This shirt has the same vintage aesthetic, but with short sleeves just in case you get sweaty from eating all those hot wings!


Not everybody appreciates football, but everybody appreciates an excuse to get blacked out on a Sunday, right?

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The beauty of this shirt is that it can be used for other sports too. So like, if your company randomly gets season tickets for baseball season, you can wear it for that too!


This shirt is so neutral it’s ridic. If you’re rooting for the Eagles throw on a green hoodie, if you’re rooting for the Patriots wear some navy joggers. Honestly, just pick whoever is predicted to win. The beauty of not being loyal to a team is that you never have to be a loser!

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