FLETCHER’s New Video Shows You Aren’t Alone with Your Issues

Moving forward with the theme of feminism and becoming stronger individuals as 2016 crashes and burns to the damn floor, singer FLETCHER released her debut EP earlier this year, which includes four tracks that remind us to stay strong in the face of adversity and any BS the world throws at us.

You may have heard some of her earlier bangin’ tunes like “War Paint” or “Live Young, Die Free” which have mucho millions of spins on Spotify. Her newest single, “Princess,” keeps us along the path of empowerment reminding us, “don’t let your crown fall.” The video addresses serious subject matters such as bulimia, body image and gender issues of which FLETCHER says, “I wanted to bring these issues to the forefront because when I wrote the song, these were some of the issues that people around me were going through.”

There’s a moment in the video that implies that FLETCHER herself has dealt with some issues, to which she says, “My entire life I’ve struggled with mental health. I was diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and intrusive thoughts from a very young age and have always struggled with anxiety. The pause in the middle of the song is just sort of a pause in the craziness of life, a realization that life isn’t supposed to be easy, but that it can still be beautiful and hopeful even amidst the chaos.”

FLETCH wanted to make sure that the video doesn’t portray these issues as being easy to solve, and explains: “Don’t Let Your Crown Fall,” means regardless of the shit going on in life, even when it’s kicking you down, it reminds us to hold our heads up high, be proud of who we are, and stand up for what we believe in.”

Check the video out below and our lil’ Q&A with the FLETCH, below.  

What message are you hoping to bring to fans and listeners with this video/song?

I don’t want this video message to be taken as some cheesy thing about solving all your problems, because a lot of times they might not get solved. What I want to get across is that regardless of what we’re dealing with, we can still be princesses in our own unique way. Regardless of gender, age, identity, orientation, race, regardless of what we’re going through, I want people to see no matter how different we are from one another or how different our issues may be, that we are not going through life alone. Everyone has a story and everyone is fighting for their own version of a fairytale, whatever that may look like.

Many of your other songs have to do with female empowerment or finding freedom in a way, was this done on purpose for this EP or did this just happen naturally during the writing process?

This was never done on purpose. Though I do consider myself a feminist, these stories really came out of me naturally and just found their way into song form. Once the project was complete, I titled it “Finding FLETCHER” as I realized I was discovering who I was an as an artist and woman through this process.

How do you hope to inspire fans with your singing and performing?

Performing is one of the most liberating and freeing experiences for me. I want to inspire people to find their outlet, to find what makes them feel the most free and what empowers and inspires them. The best part of performing out live is seeing faces in the audience enjoy my music and singing along. That always give me so many feels.

For More on FLETCHER:

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Production Credits:

Collaboration with Burnside Pictures

Directed by Ryan Hutchins, Produced by Bill Hendrickson

Executive Produced by FLETCHER

Photo by Derrick Freske


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