Recycle these Summer trends into the Fall if you refuse to buy a new wardrobe

It’s sometimes unwise to buy into the phrase, “out with the old, in with the new”. Sure, it applies to a wide variety of situations, and is especially useful when dealing with boys. But when it comes to clothing, such is not the case.

The idea that you (the royal ‘you’, not just you specifically, but also you) have to continue to buy new clothes is not only financially unrealistic and bad for the environment, it’s unnecessary.

If haven’t already mastered the art of the faux shopping spree, look no further. I’m about to provide you with everything you need to look sick this Fall, without having to spend a dime. I mean sure, I could give you 500 actual dollars to shop and you likely wouldn’t complain, but what’s that saying again? Teach a man to fish? Yeah, exactly.

Well, this master post will have you eating seafood all season long.

Read below for all of the best Fall trends you already have in your closet, and how I think you should wear them:

Western boots


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It’s spooky season 👻

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Ah, yes. We are very appropriately beginning the post with this very pertinent trend. I’ve already gone on at length about how the unapologetic return of cowboy boots is cause for celebration. Such has not changed since, and I think we’d be silly not to carry this trend over into the Fall.

I mean, part of the whole irony to begin with was that this re-emerged as a Summer trend but is really more practical for the Winter months. So…keep wearing them. I rest my case.

Slip dresses

Oh yes, the slip dress is one of the Fall’s most versatile dress options, no scratch that, clothing options. Slip dresses are an easy go-to during the Summer of course, but the Fall presents even more exciting styling opportunities: I vote we make laying cool again (I do apologize for that syntax) and throw the slip dress over literally everything and anything and also all things. Think sweaters, crewnecks, tees, you name it. It’s not hard. Bonus points for strategic belting.

High-waisted flare pants


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Gotta bounce!!!

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Duh, if there’s one article of clothing with the most representation in my wardrobe, it’s the high waisted wide leg pant. I’m a little biased, as this has always been my choice clothing article (a blouse? what’s that?) but high rise wide leg pants will get you through the Fall like a pro. It’s also kind of a known thing that it takes skill to fuck up an outfit wherein wide leg flare pants reside. Literally start with the pants and no matter what else the rest of the fit is looking like, the look as a whole will be fire.

Above is actually the perfect way to wear them: throw them on with a tee and some sneakers or chunky boots and you’re set to jet. Yes, I used that nonironically. Moving on.

Tiny crops


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saturday night live

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Itty bitty cropped tops have been a thing since always but even more so since festival season this year. I think this silhouette is extremely flattering on most people, so if you’re comfortable in the crop I’d throw these tops on under things like zip up hoodies to make them Fall-friendly. Plus, I think cropped tops and pants look way cooler than cropped tops and shorts, so I’m hype for what’s to come.

Just t-shirts


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T-shirts: can’t live without them (I skipped the can’t live with them part of the aphorism, because that’s simply not the case). They make for perhaps the easiest styling always. Of course, it’s fun to throw an oversized tee over some loose fitting shorts or under a cute little skirt, but there’s no need to ditch tees for sweaters completely come Fall. The simple fix here is just to wear them with some warmer pants and just have a really strong leather jacket game.



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I luv slouchy jeans !! U’ve heard of Oscar the grouch now get ready for Oscar the slouch !!

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Bodysuits are my fav (see above). In the Summer they’re easy to tuck into shorts, and now I like the idea of wearing them with slouchy pants or sweats for an elevated basic Fall look situation (the end of that sentence had about four too many words, I’m aware).

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Important sneakers


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When your favorite color and your favorite silhouette join forces 🖤💚

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A Deluxe Pair 🍊💎

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Okay, so I clearly couldn’t pick just one of these insanely pleasing shoe flicks to post here, but you get the idea. Statement sneakers have been around all Summer and show no sign of going anywhere, not so long as literally any human anywhere has feet to wear them on. That said, sprucing up your favorite Summer sneaks with a cool new pair of socks is all you really need to do to revamp them.



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Corsets are another favorite look of mine, because they’re so pretty and feminine and badass (all of which are synonymous).

The look above is a perfect example of how to make the corset your bitch this Fall. Wearing a corset over more conventional Fall staples like blouses or blazers makes for an awesome silhouette, and just a super cool look overall.

Pullover hoodies


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Much like tees, pullover hoodies will never not be a thing of the present. Can you please name amore practical article of clothing? I’ll happily wait for you to do so.

On the real, I do love Summer styling when it comes to pullover hoodies, because I think their juxtaposition with shorts, as shown above, or with skirts or dresses is really cool. That being said, they’re obviously a practical Fall moment given the fact that they’re…idk, warm! And cozy, among other things. Honestly wearing a really weird hoodie with some plain jeans is such a cool look for the Fall. Moving on.

Zip-up hoodies


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I 🖤 this vintage Everlast bodysuit more than insert any noun

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Ugh…sorry, it’s me again. But I’m here to talk about zip-up hoodies, which I think had their moment more so in the mid-2000s and are slowly creeping back up again. I mean it’s no secret that they’ve lost the popularity contest to their considerably more popular counterpart, the pullover hoodie. And I get it, pullover hoodies are cool. Vetements and stuff. Give zip up hoodies a chance though, they’re exceptionally useful when it comes to showing off the outfit underneath. Just saying.


Overalls are another tried and true classic, and in my opinion nothing beats a Summer overalls-with-little-to-nothing-underneath them situation, but they’re an easy piece to wear into the cooler months, and luckily for us all, look super cute worn over turtleneck sweaters. Also, they’re an entire outfit in one which is always just nice— convenience never goes out of style, honey.

Midi dresses


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🦋 Listing this dress & lots more on my @depop right now! Find me @isabel_hendrix 🌺💗

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The midi dress is the best length of dress in existence, don’t fight me on it.

I think the Fall is really the midi dress’s time to shine, because its mid-ankle length leaves (Autumn! Leaves! Wow no pun intended, I’ll be here all week) the perfect opportunity to show of your favorite Fall boots. Know what I mean?

Baker boy hats


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Moving is tiring 😴🍒 I hope all of you are having lovely weekends!

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Newsboy caps are everything, and go extremely well with any of the aforementioned clothing items. Fall is definitely the time for hat moments without having to worry about getting too sweaty. Though we do love sweat in this family.

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All of the leather


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This party sucks

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I’m not sure what it was, but this Summer I’ve been wearing a shit ton of leather, which seems counterintuitive. Like, maybe every other outfit I’ve worn in the past month has contained some leather component, and not by accident.

Well obviously, Fall is peak leather weather™. And while the Summer heat hasn’t stopped me from wearing my favorite leather pants here or a leather bustier there, Fall is the perfect time to combine all of these pieces and wear them together. Wearing head-to-toe leather can be a commitment, and I envy those that are just all about that life 24/7. But I say throw on three of the leather pieces you own and see if you can make it work. You’ll definitely be warm, at the very least.

Acrylic nails


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don’t talk to me unless we talkin about my nails 💅🏽

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Some people are truly about this life 365 days a year, and I envy those people. But this Summer, more and more people I knew have been hopping on the hot nail wave, and I hope that’s just foreshadowing for the next couple of months. Honestly, any clothing trend can be emulated via cool manicure, so even if there’s a clothing item you’re dying for or a color of bag you just need, an alternative could just be to get a really bomb manicure and save the extra cash. Plus of course, nails like these will add so much to your look.

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