Which Fashion Week collection are you based on your astrological sign?

Fashion Week — scratch that, month – has come and gone, and with that all of the fun memories, inspiration and of course, unforgettable runway moments that come with it.

We at Galore are big on reminiscing, and this comprehensive fashion month roundup features some of our favorite shows of the season – but we wanted to do something a little different. This year, we present you with some of the most major runway moments of the past couple of weeks, represented as astrological signs.

That’s right, we’ve done cities as astrological signs, how rich you’ll be based on your astrological sign, and the best sex position for your astrological sign, but now we present you with the coolest Spring/Summer fashion shows as astrological signs.

Read below to see your sign, represented as a fashion week moment.

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Aries: Christian Cowan

Aries are known for being extremely bold, brave and headstrong. These fire signs are unapologetic about who they are and dive into every situation in life headfirst. This season, Christian Cowan really brought the heat (fire sign, heat, no pun intended, I’ll be here all week) with his SS19 presentation.


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@iamcardib in @christiancowan SS19 ostrich plume trouser suit Styling @kollincarter

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We’re all familiar by now with that lavender feathered suit moment, considering this same suit was one of Cardi B’s most iconic fashion month looks. But beyond that, his entire collection this season was all about bravery, individuality and self expression. If there were one word I’d use to describe said collection, it would be bold, which incidentally is the same word I’d use to describe any Aries I know.

Capricorn: Nicole Miller

Capricorns mean business. They’re hardworking, ambitious, and often high achieving. Capricorn energy is all about structure, drive and getting shit done. These earth signs are known for navigating both the material and emotional worlds seamlessly. All of this energy and more comes through in Nicole Miller’s latest collection: bold, earthy prints and patterns were most certainly a theme this season, and there was a certain freedom in the pieces that still gave off a visceral togetherness. The looks were all relatable, yet very attainable.


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@agnessokolowska kicking off New York Fashion Week at our #ss19 show last night #nmspring19 #nyfw

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Taurus: Sally Lapointe

Taurus, another Earth sign, are known for their simultaneous softness and tenacity, which is sometimes perceived as stubbornness. They often feel most at ease in relaxing, soothing environments. While they enjoy these elements, they also have every capacity to focus on what it is they want and to get the job done.


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SPRING 2019 COLLECTION // #ss19 #sallylapointe

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Sally Lapointe SS19 was a dream, realized. The collection included a rather soft color palette of beige, light pink, orange and nude. That said, statement materials like PVC and new signature prints have the collection a strength that Taureans are often known for. Unconventional silhouettes and oversized outerwear also made an appearance this season.

Libra: Hardeman

Libra’s love to love to love (to love). This year, Hardeman’s SS19 presentation was all about love: more specifically, about expressing love in a beautiful, healthy way and practicing safe sex. Not only are Libras known for their elaborate, sometimes idealized views of romance, they often crave balance and harmony.

Hardeman is a brand noted for its fierce creative expression, and is extremely unapologetic when it comes to their edgy silhouettes. That said, there is a groundedness and balance in all of their collections, and this one was no difference. Beautiful colors and prints were all founded in the notions of being flashy, creative and fun while loving one another while doing so.

Gemini: VFiles

The VFiles show was an incredible experience, as it is every year. If you’re looking for a SHOW, look no further. This year’s show was chock full of incredible new talent, both designers and musicians. It wasn’t just a fashion show, it was a concert, party, and fashion show all in one. And if there’s one thing everybody knows about Geminis, it’s that the nature of this twin sign is to want to pursue anything, everything and all things.


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Ur loofah could never 💜💚💜💚 @sensenlii

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Geminis do the most in every way (that’s not a drag, BTW) and are super versatile. This year’s VFiles show included a little something for everyone, whether that be musical performances, a sick DJ set by Atrack, or countless killer runway looks, the VFiles show was everything fashion week is about: everything!

Pisces: Milly

Milly’s SS19 presentation was right out of a dream. And if there’s a dreamy sign in the zodiac, it’s Pisces. Pisces are known dreamers, and have a natural soft and caring spirit. They’re often extremely trusting of others and have a very empathetic, emotional nature. Milly’s presentation was full of soft, silky, dreamy materials and each piece seemed to almost float down the runway. The vivid pinks, blues and greens flowed seamlessly and were out of this world yet totally wearable, and the free-flowing silhouettes seemed almost like a nod to the Pisces spirit.

Scorpio: Namilia

Scorpios are all about passion. These water signs are extremely emotionally present and derive much of their drive from their fiery spirit.  Scorpios are extremely intense, driven, focused, and know what they want.


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The devil wears Namilia 🔥 OG @parishilton opening our SS19 runway show – AWOMEN 🙏🏻🙏🏻

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Namilia is a brand that’s all about passion, emotion and being unapologetically oneself. Their shows are not just shows, but are also statements and commentary about larger social moments. Much of the designer’s collection is about celebrating femininity, and some of the major pieces include a skirt reading “In Namilia’s name we pray, awomen” and a pair of pants reading “I’m major, I roar, I swear I’m not a whore.” Scorpios are extremely badass and strong-willed, and Namilia SS19 embodies this energy like no other.

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Sagittarius: Gypsy Sport

Sagittarians are open-minded, extroverted and love to explore the world. One thing that characterized them in particular is their immense desire to learn. This year, Gypsy Sport was a show that featured all kinds of people, pieces and silhouettes.

Gypsy Sport repeatedly leads the way in terms of diversity during fashion month, and this season was no exception- there were models from all walks of life featured in the show, somebody all different types of people could look to and say “that person look like me.” And of course, this year’s collection (which focused mainly on denim and the many, many, many ways to wear it) exhibited major creativity and our-of-the-box thinking. Sag’s, anyone?

Virgo: Sandy Liang

Virgos are known for their attention to detail and this season, Sandy Liang’s collection was all about the detail. At first glance, you’d see extremely wearable, somewhat minimal pieces: but upon taking a second look, one begins to notice the heart of the collection even more: the socks and sandals moment was a major thread throughout this season’s collection, and oversized lapels, statement hats, and strategically placed fannypacks were all important elements as well.


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Coco in the Wanda dress

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Leo: Jun Jie

Leos are equal parts gracious, equal parts extra. They will happily assume the center of attention: sometimes, they can’t help but be. They have a presence that demands attention and rather than backing away from said attention, they own it. These fire signs have a certain royalty about them that one can’t help but notice.

Jun Jie’s collection this season is not dissimilar: regal silks, statement cutout dresses and silhouettes, bold beauty looks (you’ve heard of graphic eyeshadow, now get ready for graphic eyebrows) and pattern clashing like no other, this collection was eye-catching, fiery, and extremely personal.


Aquarians are known for being curious, inquisitive, affectionate, and imaginative. They are also known for their somewhat unpredictable nature, which makes them a particularly intriguing air sign. I feel that sometimes people find Aquarians intimidating because they can be hard to read. But their versatility and independence are traits that set them apart from the rest.

This year’s collection from breakout label SUBTERRANEI has the versatility many Aquarians tend to exhibit: the line features a lot of black and red, but the darkness of these pieces still have a lightness to them given their material. In addition to some of the black, lace-up, more hardcore number, there are also beautiful, whimsical moments of imagination and play, such as a full pastel orange PVC set and a blazer with a watercolor graphic on the back of it. SUBTERRANEI SS19 was refreshing, unapologetic, unpredictable, and imaginative, much like the Aquarians we know and love.

Cancer: Kim Shui

If there’s one thing that comes to mind when we think of Cancers, it’s emotion. Cancers are the water sign that feel emotions most viscerally and deeply. The cancer energy has been said to connect most deeply with roots, feelings, and family.

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This season, in conversation with Kim Shui, we learned all about her latest collection. And the more she told us, the more evident it became that this collection was all about everything those things exactly: roots, family and being vulnerable. In telling us more about what inspired this collection, Shui said, “this collection was all about unraveling: with many of the pieces, one could put them back together and reconstruct them.”

We then asked Shui how she went about casting her show, to which she replied, “we just wanted really diverse girls,” she continues “a lot of them are also my friends, and it’s like a friend and family kind of deal. That’s a major theme throughout.”

Shui’s latest collection also makes a statement about roots, identity and cultural heritage. The collection makes various references to East Asian culture, as did Shui’s collection last season. Shui elaborated on this, saying, “I looked at a lot of standard qipao dresses and kind of reconstructing them and how they’re put back together.”

In telling us more about this collection, Shui adds, “it’s not just for Asian identities, but for everyone. There are a lot of different cultures that I want to include.”

Looks to me like we know what our Cancer friends will be wearing come Springtime.

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